Some of the wishes we have granted in 2008


Jordan - 15 years old 

Suffers from: Severe Learning Difficulties 

Wish 112/08 - To have a TV. 

It is very hard for the family to watch a TV programme as Jordan will often disrupt them and on top of this the family are often subjected to watching Disney. With this in mind Jordan's mum decided that it would be a great idea to request a TV just for Jordan so that he can watch his progams in his own room. 

Kids in Need are pleased to say that we presented Jordan with a TV/DVD in December.

On arriving with the Social Worker I was informed by his mother not to be surprised if he doesn’t talk to me but once I unpacked the TV he smiled and said ‘thank you’ which apparently was an extreme rarity. The TV was set up and he watched it for a while and then it was time for me to leave. Out of the blue once again he thanked me and said goodbye. There were tears from mum, uncle and the social worker as this was the most he had spoken in ages. (Lol - Committee member)



Charlotte - 13 years old

Suffers from: Bowel disorder & Hypo-mobility syndrome

Wish 93/08 - To meet Paul O'Grady

On 3rd December 2008 a big limo pulled up outside Charlotte's house to escort her and her mum in true style to the ITV recording studios where she was going to watch a live recording of 'The Paul O'Grady Show'.

Prior to being shown to their seats in the recording studio, Charlotte and her mum were led to the green room where they got to meet the guests for that days show, which included Fiona Plillips and Jonathan Wilkes, however it was back in the green room after the show where Charlotte actually got to meet Paul (alongside his famous pet dogs, Buster and Olga).

Paul was a true star and not only spent time talking to Charlotte but he also went on a personal mission to find her a goody bag which included the much coveted 'nodding buster'.

After several hours in the green room (chatting, having photo's taken & getting Paul's signature) Charlotte and her mum climbed back in the limo and travelled back home.

Charlotte had a great day and did not stop smiling. "It was lovely to see her smile again" said her mum.     

In the Green Room  With Goody Bags 

Friends of the stars With Fiona in the Green Room



Grace and Billy - 7 years old 

Suffers from: Both were born at 24 weeks with Grace having dystonic cerebral palsy, epilepsy and is tube fed. Billy has chronic lung disease, is short sighted and profoundly deaf. 

Wish 90/08 - To go to Eurodisney

Grace and Billy went to Eurodisney and this photo shows the absolute delight that the "magic of Disney" can bring to children.

Grace & Billy

"...Your kindness has made us all smile so much...especially being together as a family. The smiles and laughter on the twins faces says everything...the kindness of Kids in Need touched our lives and made it much better. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and back again". (Grace and Billy's parents).


Christine - 15 years old 

Suffers from: A very rare chromosome disorder

Wish 89/08 - Christine wanted to meet her favourite characters from Disney.

We are pleased to say that in February Christine went to Eurodisney with her mum and had a great time.


Despite the cold weather we had a wonderful time. I was worn out but Christine loved every minute! (Christine's mum).


Sam  - 11 years old

Suffers from: Global Delay 

Wish 87/08 -  Sam's primary wish was to see a live Panda as he has an absolute passion for them. His carer (who is also his Grandmother) and his foster mum had previously searched but not managed to find one for him to visit

Kids in Need managed to find out that there was in fact a Zoo in Austria that had two Pandas, so we sent Sam and his Grandmother to stay at the 4 star Royal Hotel in Central Vienna as it was in close proximity to the Zoo. Sam spent two days at the zoo and most of that time was spent staring at the Pandas.

Thank you very much again for the wonderful weekend for Sam. We didn't see much of the zoo, apart from the Pandas....Sam thoroughly enjoyed watching the panda's playing. Thanks again for making Sam's wish come true. (Sam's Grandma)


Seeing a real live Panda 



Sadie  - 9 years old  

Suffers from: Dyspraxia and learning difficulties. 

Wish 83/08 - Due to her dyspraxia and learning diffuculties Sadie has enormous problems in balancing and co-ordindating so Kids in Need were delighted to be able to purchase her a large trike so that she could go out to the park. 



Saul  - 4 years old  

Suffers from: Pelizaeus Merbacher disease which is a rare, progressive, degenerative central nervious system disorder in which co-ordination, motor abilities and intelluctual function deteriorate. 

Wish 75/08 - Saul's love of music promted the wish and Kids in Need are delighted to provide both a music system and a swing set for the garden.

"I am thrilled to tell you that by Saul having this CD player, it has encouraged Saul to sing, move his head from side to side (his way of dancing) and my proudest moment of all when at his nursery school he sang jingle bells on his own into his Big mak communication device at his Nursery Christmas Party". (Saul's mum)

Saul with his CD player



Chris  - 19 years old

Suffers from: Cancer

Wish 67/08 - Chris is a huge fan of the Mighty Boosh and really wanted to go and see them in concert.

On 23rd October 2008 Chris and a friend were handed tickets to see the Mighty Boosh at Brixton Academy. Chris had been reserved a seat in a prime location near the front of the stage and after taking his seat he realised that he was in fact sitting next to comedian Lenny Henry. If that was not enough, to Chris's great delight he was later invited back stage to the bar area for a drink and then to a private party where he got to meet Noel Fielding and other members of the cast.

Chris said that everyone was really friendly and chatted for ages.

"It was brilliant. A very good night....thanks". (Chris) 



Matthew  - 14 years old

Suffers from: Matt is profoundly deaf.

Wish 65/08 - To see an Arsenal match

It was arranged for Matthew to see Arsenal play Aston Villa together with his family. Also due to the kindness of Arsenal Football Club arrangements were also made for them all to take advantage of eating in the Arsenal restaurant whereby not only did they eat well but were also enterained by an Arsenal legend.

"Thank You!....It was an amazing experience"  (Matthew)

Thank you note from Matt.



William  - 9 years old

Suffers from: Scleriosis

Wish 61/08 - William wanted a Nintendo wii so Kids in Need purchased it for him along with some games.

We just wanted to say thank you for the gift you gave to william...He gets so much fun and enjoyment out of it it is unbelievable.  We have just invested in a Wii Fit for him as well and this is already helping to improve his balance.

William has been followed by a Channel 4 documentary team for the last 9 years looking at showing the highs and lows of disabled children and their families.  The documentary is called Born to be Different and the next series is due to be screened on Tuesday the 28th April and Tuesday 5th May 2009 at 9pm.
Many thanks once again (Williams parents)

William with his Wii



Harry  - 8 years old

Suffers from: Leukaemia

Wish 57/08 - Harry is a huge football fan and especially loves Chelsea.

Kids in Need arranged for Harry to be driven to the Chelsea v Hull match in February with his family where he not only sat in the VIP suite but was taken after the game to meet all the players.

This photo shows him with his sister and his idol John Terry.

Harry, his sister and John Terry 



Annie  - 12 years old

Suffers from: Aspergers and severe Tourettes syndrome

Wish 52/08 - To go on holiday.  

Annie and her family had a long weekend away at Clacton-on-sea staying in a caravan at a Haven Holiday Park.

Annie at the Holiday Club

Annie and Mils in Clacton



Kayleigh  - 16 years old

Suffers from: Global Development Delay 

Wish 44/08 - Kayleigh wanted to have the chance to 'dress up' like the girls do when they go to a school prom.

Kids in Need arranged for Kayleigh (with her mum in tow) to spend the day in London buying clothes then having a photo shoot.

We had a wonderful day...just mother and daughter daughter looked so beautiful I just cried and when we viewed the photos we were blown away. We will remember the day forever. (Kayleigh's Mum).

Kayleigh BEFORE

Kayleigh - Before

Kayleigh AFTER

Kayleigh - After



Abbie  - 7 years old

Suffers from: Cerebral palsy, gets around with a walking frame and suffers from hydrocephalus, has visual impairment and learning and speech delay.

Wish 43/08 - Abbie is a fanatical fan of the group Muse and asked if it was possible to meet the band members (Matthew Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenhome and Dominic Howard). Failing that she asked if it was possible to have a red guitar like the one Matt often uses.

After much calling around and email correspondence, Kids in Need realised that Abbie's first wish was not something that they were capable of granting however after more telephone calls and emailing, we did manage to get hold of a scratch plate that was signed by the group. This scratch plate was then sent off to Mansons guitar shop (where Matt goes to get his guitars custom-made) to have the scratch plate fitted to a metallic red guitar.

As well as the guitar, Abbie was given a black 'Manson' guitar strap (like Matt uses), a microphone, stand, 15w amp and case but when she went for a surprise visit to the shop with her parents to pick up her gift, she was greeted by none other than legendary guitar maker Hugh Manson himself who also kindly signed the back of Abbie's new guitar.

If this was not enough, Abbie was then handed some plectrums just like Matt uses and also allowed to test out her new guitar using the shops amp area.

click for a Video of Abbie testing her guitar.

"Abbie had a fantastic time. The delight on her face was well worth the journey. The guys in the shop were brilliant, letting her plug the guitar and play it in their amp area.."

"Abbie is so proud of it. She tells everyone we meet and is planning to take it to school next week to show her friends. She carries a photo of it in her school bag"

"Once again I would like to say a huge thank you to Kids in Need for making Abbies wish come true. She has played the guitar every day. It really is a gift she will treasure for a long time".  (Abbie's Mum) 




Roberta  - 16 years old

Suffers from: Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy

Wish 34/08 - Roberta wanted to go on holiday as the last time she had been away was in 2004 when she went to Dorset. A key factor was that the she wanted to also be able to take the dog with them.

The family (including their pet dog) had a weeks holiday in Church Farm at Christchurch in October.

"Thank you very much indeed" 




David, Jack, Robert and Samuel

The venue was the beautiful setting of Marygreen Manor in Brentwood when David, Jack, Robert and Samuel joined Rene Zagger, our Patron and Alex Walkenshow (Smithy from The Bill) for afternoon tea. A good time was had by all with each young lad also receiving a gift in the form of a goodie bag from The Bill courtesy of Alex.

Rene, Alex & Friends



Chronicles of Narnia... 

Kids in Need were very lucky to be offered a box at the O2 to see the premier film showing of 'The Chronicles of Narnia' courtesy of Montagu Evans and Smiths Detection in June 2008.

A group of young people and parents went and had a wonderful time...

"We had an awesome eventing at the O2. The kids had such a fantastic time and felt like royalty walking along the red carpet. Our private suite was spacious and very comfortable giving us a first class view of the film...we even had our own waitress bringing us drinks to our seats throughout the evening. Once again Kids in Need has given our children a truly unforgettable experience".

At the O2


Sam - xx years old 

Suffers from: Autisum

Wish xx/xx - To drive a sports car. 

Sammy has always had a love of sports cars and his was was to experience driving one.

Sammy and his family stayed in Loughborough where he went on a Junior Ferrari Experience. Not only did Sammy get to dive a Ferrari but he also went off-roading in a 4x4.




Robert - 15 years old 

Suffers from: Autisum

Wish 08/07 - Robert has always had a fascination for plants and so it was no big surprise that his wish was to visit the Eden Project. 

Kids in Need granted Robert's wish, spending him on a short break with his family in Devon to enable him to visit the Eden Project. 

Robert outside the Eden Project



Lois - 5 years old 

Suffers from: Lois is totally deaf

Wish 65/07 - Lois wanted a trampoline for her garden.




Durants Special Needs School - various

Suffers from: 

Wish 52/07 - Kids in Need provided 2 large WRK trikes to the school to enable the older students to enjoy using them in the playground.

2 New WRK trikes