A selection of wishes that we have granted in 2009

Last year we granted 116 wishes. This year we would like to continue to grant as many wishes as possible.



Various children from Beacon Hill Special Needs School - 5 to 15 years old  

Wish 115/09 - The children of Beacon Hill Special Needs School wanted to go and see Father Christmas  and Kids in Need helped to make their wish come true including purchasing presents for each of the children.

A big thank you for the children of Beacon Hill School. You made a great day special for some really special children, All of the children were delighted to receive their gifts from Santa. It was lovely to see the big smiles on their faces.

Thanks again Anne.

Liam visiting Santa's Grotto



Ruby - 4 years old

Suffers from: Severe speech and language disorder. 

Wish 108/09 - Ruby asked Kids in Need for a specific buggy which we managed to get for her.

"Thank you for granting her wish, Ruby loves her new pram"


Ruby in her new buggy



Reece - 9 years old

Suffers from: Cerebral Palsy. 

Wish 102/09 - Reece sent us a wish to go and see WWE wrestling. 

Kids in need booked for Reece to go to the O2 with his family to see the wresting live however as there was 4 months between booking the event and Reece going to see it, Kids in Need sent him 3 WWE DVDs which feature one of his favourite wrestlers, John Cena. 




Samuel - 5 years old

Suffers from: Autism Spectum Disorder 

Wish 97/09 - Samuel wanted a trip away with his family. He loves the outdorrs and wanted to be able to go somewhere that he could play outdors without being in any danger. 

Kids in Need found a great holiday home in Cornwall (Kennacott Court) that was big enough for the whole family, had a private swimming pool, but also had a gated off garden, so Samuel could run around without going to far or getting lost. The family go for one week in February 2010 and are looking forward to the trip,.





Joshua - 16 years old

Suffers from: Severe Autism. 

Wish 95/09 - Joshua asked if it was possible for him to meet his favourite Disney characters so Kids in Need arranged for him to visit them at Eurodisney.

"I would like to thank you and your charity for our fabulous holiday to Disneyland, Paris. Joshua had a wonderful time. He loved the rides the lights and parades, the shows and all the characters, who made such a fuss of him. His face was really a picture he was just so happy, this for us was wonderful to see as he so often has a hard time with life in general. I have to say; in fact the only think he didn't like was coming home.

We have made a big collage picture board of memories for him and he spends ages just looking and touching it. He had such a fantastic time, so once again thank you".


Meeting Goofey  Meeting the broomstick  At Disneyland Paris



Kieran & Darrian - 11 and 9 years old

Both suffer from: Oral & Motor dyspraxia. 

Wish 90 & 91/09 - Kieran & Darrian both wanted to go and see Arsenal play &  thanks to Arsenal FC, both boys got to see them play against Spurs on Saturday 31st October as well as enjoy a meal at Highbury House before the game.

"Thank you so much for an amazing day. Kieran & Darrian said they had the best day ever. You made two little boys very happy. I think they will remember this day for the rest of their lives. (Kieran & Darrian's Mum).


At the Arsenal        Enjoying the day    At Highbury House   The boys enjoying their meal



Connor - 5 years old

Suffers from: Global Delay. 

Wish 98/09 - Connor's wish was to have a trike which Kids in Need granted.

Just to say again - a very big thank you for granting Connor's wish. As I have said before, I feel Connor deserves it after the operations, ill healthand difficulties he has dealt with, in a mannor far more mature and accepting that many without his learning disability - he has shown a bravery and maturity beyond his developmental years', and it's great to see this recognised. Thank You. (Frankie) 

Thank you so much for the track and I like the collor and I relly like it. (Connor).

Connor on his trike.




Emir - 7 years old

Suffers from: Autism. 

Wish 86/09 - Emir loves animals and is fixated with the TV program Animal Park which is set in Longleat so his wish was to visit Longleat in Wiltshire.

Not only did Emir get to go on the Longleat safari VIP tour, his entry ticket allowed him to also make full use of the other Longleat attraction such as the railway and tea-cup ride. If all this was not enough, Emir also had a VIP pass to the pets corner where he got to get really close to a variety of animals from the cute to the scary and scaly.

You might have thought that 2 days in Longleat would have Emir all animal-ed out but you would be wrong. Emir stayed at Mill Farm overnight and enjoyed being shown round the Farm and looking at all the animals kept there.  


"We are so grateful to Kids in Need, it was a wonderful weekend. It was beyond what we expected....In Pets Corner, Emir got to hold the chinchillas, Chipmunks, Taranchula, Royal Python and a bearded dragon. He also got to stroke and feed a wallaby and Iguana. It was amazing". (Emir's Mum).


Emir at Longleat  Emir on the tea cup ride Emir having a short break Getting up close to the animals! Meeting the smaller animals face to face Now thats a HUGE spider. 




Lauren - 14 years old

Suffers from: Hirschsprungs Disease. 

Wish 84/09 - Lauren really wanted to have a trampoline for her garden and Kids in Need granted her wish.

"...thank you once again, Lauren spends a lot of quality time on the trampoline and thoroughly enjoys being out there."  


Lauren on her trampoline  




Charlie - 4 years old

Suffers from: Cerebral Palsy. 

Wish 82/09 - Charlie wanted a Thomas Play table and Kids in Need purchased this for him.


"I must thank you again for the Thomas Table. Charlie loves it. We are using it daily as part of our physio and it is a perfect hight. Thanks again." (Melanie) 


Charile and his Thomas table

Charlie playing




Caelan - 16 years old

Suffers from: Chromsome deletion. 

Wish 72/09 - Caelan's wish was to drive racing cars. 

"..Caelan had a really terrifctime and did not stop smiling all day! He loved the track and all the cars with the noise and excitement."


Racing round  Having Fun in the Ferrari




Lewis - 15years old

Suffers from: Epilepsy. 

Wish 70/09 - Lewis went with his family in July to Butlins.

"Thank you Lewis had a great time"  


Lewis with Bob the Builder  Enjoying an ice-cream at Butlins 





Emma - 19 years old

Suffers from: Severe learning difficulties. 

Wish 69/09 - Emma wantd to have a holiday and had a break at a special needs centre in Exmoor.


Emma enjoying her break Emma horse riding Climbing the wall. 





Alfie - 10 years old

Suffers from: Dsypraxia. 

Wish 60/09 - Alfie really wanted to go to see Grease the musical so Kids in Need booked him a ticket to go to London for the day and watch Grease. 



Thomas & Charlie- 5 years old

Suffers from: Multiple conditions. 

Wish 58 & 59 /09 - Thomas and Charlie both asked for a festive break so Kids in Need sent them and their parents to Butlins in December.

I wonder if you could pass on our thanks to everyone involved in making our Butlins Xmas break possible. It could not have happened at a better time for us and was very much needed. We even had real snow which although it made the journey down to Butlins a bit more hazardous it made the break truly feel like xmas. The boys absolutely loved the whole weekend from beginning to end. They met Father Christmas and his reindeer, got to see a lovely pantomime, went on lots of rides and even had tea with Bob the Builder all thanks to everyone involved in Kids in need. Jo was absolutely brilliant and took care of everything, even arranging that they could have tea with Bob. I can't tell you how excited they were when they knew they were going to be in the select few that got to go to Bob's party. They had sandwiches and cakes and played games and when they left Bob gave them a backpack full of lovely presents. They also got a present from Father Christmas and met Frosty the Snowman. Both the boys were even brave enough to get involved in some of the activities, which has never happened before and was so brilliant for us to see.

As I said in my original letter we had an awful 209 and this really was something special for all of us that was so much appreciated that I cannot truley put into words how grateful we all are. It was something that we shall not forget for quite some time.  (Clare, Thomas & Charlie's mum).

 The boys enjoying their holiday  It's Christmas!



Edward - 9 years old

Suffers from: Autism. 

Wish 55/09 - Edward loves water and wanted to have swimming lessons so Kids in Need purchased him swimming lessons for a year.

"We can't thank you enough". (Edward's parents)


  Edward with his instructer In the pool Learning to swim




Jack - 5 years old

Suffers from: ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). 

Wish 50/09 - Jack asked Kids in Need for a wooden playhouse and we proudly purchased one for him. 

"His Barn was assembled whilst he was at school.  When he came in we blind folded him and took him out into our garden. 
His face was a picture....he was totally lost words. 
We told him that ‘The nice people’ bought it for him because he had just moved from our bed into his own bed (all night every night) and also because he had begun to regularly brush his own teeth and was being a ‘big boy 5’.
Things regular families ‘expect’ from regular children but for us as a family, another mountain climbed and conquered.
As Jack would say ‘From the bottom of his toes right up to the sky’ a heart felt   ‘THANKYOU’. (Jack's Mum)


 Jack in his playhouse




Rose - 6 years old

Suffers from: Autism as well as having an unbalanced translocation between chromosomes 4 and 10.

Wish 45/09 - Rose asked for an organic latex mattress to help her develope sleeping patterns.

Kids in need purchased Rose a new bed as well as her special mattress. 

Many, many thanks for the safe delivery of Rose's new bed and mattress. She is already reaping huge benefits from both and knowing that she is no longer breathing in toxins that can be detrimental to her health makes us sleep better at night too.

We really do appreciate what you have done for Rose....thank you from the bottom of our hearts. (Roses parents)


Rose with her new bed.





Malcolm - 4 years old

Suffers from: Autism. 

Wish 44/09 - Malcolm wanted to go on holiday so Kids in Need sent him to Butlins.

Malcolm and his brother 




Sam - 11 years old

Suffers from: Autisum. 

Wish 42/09 - Sam wanted to go to Eurodisney to meet all his favourite characters.

Sam had a fantastic time and we were thrilled to make him feel so special. Thank you so much for making this possible. (Sam's parents)

I like Disneyland Paris because Mickey and Minnie are great friends. I like my Mickey pizza and my Minnie cake. On Friday I had a Mickey doughnut. We saw Buffalo Bill's wild west show and I saw the Disney playhouse where Stitch lives. I had a croissant and some frosties and a ham roll. We enjoyed the parades and fireworks. Thank you very much (Sam) 


 Sam and Mickey Mouse            Sam with another friend 




Colin - 9 years old

Suffers from: Autistic spectrum disorder. 

Wish 40/09 - Colin has no speech, makes no eye contact and makes little effort to help himself in any way. He does however love jumping and so Kids in Need purchased a trampoline for him.

The moment he comes home from school, he goes to the back door and waits to be let out into the garden so that he can go on his beloved trampoline. Whilst he is jumping, there is a smile on his face too but the thing that amazed his mother the most was that Colin has learned to unzip the safety net surrounding the base so that he can climb on quicker. (Liz - KinN committee member) 





Oliver - 13 years old

Suffers from: Williams Syndrome (GD Delay). 

Wish 39/09 - Oliver's wish was to go and see a full orchestra perform so Kids in Need sent him to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra play Broadway hits at the Royal Albert Hall.

Oliver had a fantastic evening watching the RPO playing the Broadway hits. He was so excited when we got into the Royal Albert Hall and he saw all the instruments. Our seats were brilliant, we were about 2 meters away from the stage, he didn't know which ones to look at first. It was wonderful to see him so excited, he told everyone at school all about it and everyone he has seen since knows about this trip!

Thank you once again we really appreciate your generosity. - Oliver's mum.





Callum - 3 years old

Suffers from: Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. 

Wish 36/09 - Callum really wanted to be able to play outside in the garden and so Kids in Need purchased him a swing with dual seats.

Thank you for my lovely swing!

Callum and his brother Callum in his swing




Paige - 14 years old

Suffers from: Dispraxis. 

Wish 34/09 - Paige wanted to go and see the musical Grease and Kids in Need granted her this wish.

We had a fantastic day. Went early so we could go to Oxford Street shopping. The show was brilliant, the seats were perfect, from the show we went to Planet Hollywood for dinner, then did the sights. Trafalgar square, walked along the embankment, saw Big Ben and the eye. Got the late train home exhausted!

Thank you so much the day was brill. (Paige)





Harry - 9 years old

Suffers from: Nicolaides Baraitser syndrome. 

Wish 30/09 - Harry wanted above all else to have his very own go cart similar to the one he uses at school so we were pleased to be able to purchase one for him.

"I just wanted to thank you so much for your generous gift of a go-cart for our son Harry. Harry's eyes just light up when he plays on it, I don't think he can believe it belongs to him!

I am just so grateful to you all for making Harry so happy. As you can imagine, life can be quite hard for Harry at times and he has been through a lot. I find it so heart warming that there are people out there like your selves who want to help children with special needs. Thank you."     (Georgina - Harry's Mum)  

Harry on his very own go-cart



Lisa - 16 years old

Suffers from: Scoliosis. 

Wish 25/09 - Lisa's wish was to go with a friend up to London to see the show 'Dirty Dancing' after her exams but before she goes into hospital for another operation.

"Thank you so much for my trip to London to see Dirty Dancing. My friend came along with me and we had an amazing day....When we got there we went for a meal at Pizza express where I tried an olive for the first time! Ew!

Then it was time for the show. Our seats were really good, the show was amazing and of course everybody screamed at the line..'nobody puts baby in a corner'. By the end everybody was up and dancing. It was a really good show....Thank you so much for such a great day" (Lisa) 

Lisa in London



Thomas - 5 years old

Suffers from: Dyspraxia. 

Wish 24/09 - Thomas wanted to go to go on holiday with his family to Centre Parcs.

We booked a villa for Thomas and his parents to spend a long weekend at Elveden Forest in May 2009. 

"Just wanted to say a big thank you once again.

We had the most amazing weekend ever at Centre Parcs. Thomas really enjoyed himself and wants to go back. It was such a shame to come home but all holidays must come to an end -Unfortunately! Also, the weather was fantastic too.

Withperseverance and time, Thomas has now learnt to ride a bike (withstabilisers) which is great for a child with Dyspraxia. One of the things that we really wanted him to try and enjoy especially that I can now take him and his sister over the park in the school holidays.

He also done lots of swimming too (with his armbands on). Another thing that a Dyspraxic child can find hard. These 2 particular sports (cycling and swimming) takes a lot of concentration for him to get his coordination and mobility working together. He sleep really well too (probably exhausted). Bless him, he said that though his legs are really hurting him now. Even I rode a bike after a 20 year absence and found it fantastic.

The accommodation was lovely and clean and very spacious for us all. We had ducks, squirrels, deers, rabbits visit us everyday....Thanks once again. We really do appreciate it." (Michaele - Thomas's mum)

Thomas riding a bike Thomas swimming Thomas & his sister 




Thomas - 13 years old

Suffers from: Severe Autism. 

Wish 21/09 - Thomas asked to go on holiday to Eurodisney.

Thanks for the holiday we had a lovely time.

 Thomas at Eurodisney




Sonny and Elisha - 6 & 7 years old

Suffers from: Cerebral palsy. 

Wish 14 & 15 /09 - Sonny and his friend Elisha both wanted to go to Eurodisney. 

We just wanted to say a huge big thank you to you all for making it possible for us and our famillies to visit Disneyland Resort Paris in June. We had such a wonderful time and met all of our favourite characters. We felt like VIPs being given special access onto the rides and to meet the characters. Everybody was kind.

Thanks again from both of our families, we loved it.

 At Eurodisney



Ruby - 10 years old


Suffers from: Downs syndrome. 

Wish 13/09 - Ruby's wish was to have a holiday with her family and due to her love of water, she asked to go to Centre Parcs for a long weekend. 

I just wante dto let you know that we have an amazingly perfect time at Centreparcs - becuase the weather was so hot it was literally like being in Spain!! Ruby was therefore able to do what she loves most - spend all day playing and swimming in the outdoor pool. We did lots of other things, of course......thanks on behalf of all of us. (Elly - Ruby's mum).

Ruby at Centre Parcs Ruby enjoying her break away



Taylor - 12 years old

Suffers from: Dyslexia, language/emotional behaviour problems. 

Wish 12/09 - Taylor's wish was to go and see the theatre production of Hairspray so Kids in Need sent her and her Mum to Shaftesbury Theatre to see the show.

Taylor and I had a lovely time at the hairspray show it was great, taylor had a lovely meal...many thanks for a lovely time. (Julie - Taylor's Mum). 




Tommy - 10 years old

Suffers from: Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and language problems. 

Wish 11/09 - Tommy is a fanatical fan of the Arsenal. He has a shirt and various other memorabilia around his bedroom and really wanted to go the the Arsenal for the day. 

Arsenal Football Club helped us grant this wish by providing 5 tickets for Tommy and his family to see them play Manchester City on Saturday 4th April. They also gave the family the opportunity to make use of the Arsenal restaurant and hear a talk by one of the Arsenal legends before watching the game.

Saturday was great, Tommy really enjoyed himself...thank you so much for a great day out. - Julie, Tommy's Mum.

Tommy at Arsenal Tommy in the grounds

Tommy at the game  .



Brooke - 8 years old

Suffers from: Autism. 

Wish 10/09 - Brooke wanted to have some play toys for the garden so Kids in Need purchased a swing and roundabout for him.

Brooke on his swing 





Harry - 9 years old

Suffers from: Global Development Delay. 

Wish 08/09 - Harry's wish was to visit Eurodisneywherehe was able to get friendly with a few of his favourite characters. 


  "Thanks once again, to Kids in Need for Harry's trip". (Harry's parents)

Harry with Sulley      Harry at Eurodisney



Matthew - 8 years old

Suffers from: Global Development Delay and Epilepsy. 

Wish 07/09 - Matthew wanted to go on a magical holiday with his family to Eurodisney.

Kids in Need managed to grant Matthew's wish when we sent him to Eurodisney in March 09.

A huge thank you to you and the charity for a more than wonderful break in Disneyland.   Matthew’s  eyes nearly popped out when he saw the  thunder mountain train which he promptly renamed the  Indiana Jones train!

Even better, his hero Captain Jack Sparrow spoke to him and gave him his autograph (actually his sister thought he was gorgeous too!)

We had beautiful weather, smooth journey - everything was perfect.  Thank you. (Len - Matthew's Dad)

Matthew with Cpt Jack Matthew at EuroDisney Indiana Jones Train



Paige - 9 years old

Suffers from: Angelmans Syndrome; a neurological disorder with symptoms including severe epilepsy and no speech. 

Wish 04/09 - Paige asked if we could send her to Eurodisney.

Kids in Need send Paige to Eurodisney and she had a wonderful time enjoying the rides and meeting the characters, especially Mickey Mouse.


Paige with Mickey Mouse 



John - 15 years old

Suffers from: Rothmund Thomson Syndrome. 

Wish 03/09 - John's wish was to drive a sports car.

Thanks you so much for granting John's wish, we all had a brilliant day. John had such a good time, he really enjoyed it.

His special day started with us staying in a hotel overnight, so we woke up to bacon and eggs, although John does not eat and is fed through a tube, it meant more for us. After checking out we drove the half hour to the race track, where some of our family met us there.

Once we were checked in, John was given an induction class. In that he was told about what he would be doing for the rest of the day. Then he was given a tour around the race track in a race car. After that it was John's go. First he drove around in a mini, which he really enjoyed because he could touch the peddles easy. After that it was his turn to go around in the Ferrari. It was funny because he could hardly reach the peddles, so they put cushions in for him, so he could reach. It was so nice to see his big smile as he drove around the track. They also had an in car video of John going around the course so we could all see what it was like for him.

After all that he went around the track in a rally car, which he really enjoyed because he could go really fast and the car spun around the corners, then the instructor drove John around the track, then he could see how it was meant to be done.

We all had a really lovely day, especially John. It was so nice to see him so happy and not having to worry about doctors, hospitals, injections or all the other things he has to go through. So once again from all of us a BIG THANK YOU for making John's wish come true. (John's family). 

John driving the Mini John driving in the Ferrari Driving very fast in the Rally car



Samuel - 4 years old

Suffers from:   ASD.

Wish 116/08 - Samuel wanted to go on holiday and Kids in Need sent him to DisneyLand Paris.

 I am writing to you to thank you for giving us the opportunity to visit Disneyland Paris.
We all had a fantastic time and Sam became a different little boy, he was communicating, laughing and singing.  We managed to ride on the buzz lightyear ride every day at least 2 times a day, thanks to the easy disability pass they offer, not to mention countless other rides, including it's a small world!!!!!
Sam overcame his fear of the oversized characters and by the end of the week was running up to them for cuddles!!
Thank you again for helping make our little man smile. (Chloe and Rob - Samuel's parents)

Samuel with Daisy Duck Samuel with Goofey Samuel at Eurodisney Samuel with Mike




Harry - 11 years old

Suffers from:   Autism and Epilepsy.

Wish 114/08 - Harry wanted to have a Birthday speedboat ride.

We all had a great time on the boat despite the freezing cold weather (snow even!) Luckily there was a Starbucks close by! We were very lucky as the next day was when London came to a standstill for a few days so we were lucky to get all family and friends down to celebrate and get them home before the weather turned bad.

It was a great experience and one that everyone would highly recommend. In the end we were on two boats as the large boat was having a service but that meant that the boats could race each other down the Thames. Naturally all the children voted to go in the boat that was the least stable which meant that I had to too!! I think people watching from the bridges must have thought we were mad.

Harry loved it! He was a bit grumpy before he got on the boat as he wanted to get on quickly and he had to wait until everyone got life-jackets on, but once it got going he was jumping up and down really excitedly. I'm sure we will try and do it again one day.

Thanks again for all your help and for allowing Harry to have a great experience and a great birthday. Now we have to think about how we can tip it next year! Somehow I don't think we will be able to. Thanks again. (Harry's Mum).

All aboard the speed boat down the Thames



James - 3 years old

Suffers from:   Global delay and has no speech.

Wish 91/08 - James had previously been using an old car seat which gave him little support and allowed his head to flop forward. Kids in Need have provided him withanew seat that supports his whole body so much better and it is very noticeable how much better he is able to sit. There are many adjustments on the new seat which means it will serve him for a very long time. James also has a great fascination with bothhis sisters Nintendo D.S. consoles and loves to press the buttons and put his head in the way whilst they are playing. They do sometimes allow this but sometimes they get a little cross with him so we also gave James his very own blue Nintendo D.S. As soon as James saw this gift with a game starring his favourite cartoon character, he went so rigid, that he shook and then gave a big yell of delight.


We would like to thank you and everyone at your organisation for the wonderful gifts for James. He loves the car seat and the DS even more!! It is people like yourselves that give hope to people like me, that there are angels on earth not just in Heaven. Once again Thank you very much from all of us.  (Sharon - Jame's mum). 

James in his seat with his very own blue DS




Brandon - 11 years old

Suffers from:   Downs Syndrome.

Wish 88/08 - Brandon's wish was to meet his favourite Disney characters and so Kids in Need sent him to Eurodisney.  

"Thank you so much for our holiday!! It was fantastic in every way...my feet felt as though they were going to fall off...but Brandon and his sister Abbie had a great time meeting most of the characters and both getting 39 autographs each..I think myself and my mum reverted to our childhood again and got just as excited..it was a very special time for us all to enjoy together..so thank you." (Brandon's Mum) 


Brandon With Mary Popins Brandon & Abbie


Thomas - 11 years old

Suffers from:   Thomas is autistic and he also suffers with ADHD & Severs disease. 

Wish 85/08 - Thomas wanted to go to Alton Towers with his Mum and two borthers who also act as his carers as his Mum has severe arthritis and finds it difficult to cope at times.

An uncle managed to help out allowing the rest of the family to join them on what became a really fun few days for the whole family and made Thomas's wish even more special.

..He had a great time. A big thank you once again. (Sheryl - Thomas's Mum)



Saul - 4 years old

Suffers from:   Pelizaeus-Merbacher disease...a progressive, degenerative central nervous system disorder which affects co-ordination and motor abilities plus intellectual deterioration.

Wish 75/08 - Saul's wish was to have a swing for his garden and some special needs computer games.

As the sunny weather has finalllyarrived Saul has been having a fantastic time on his swing...I am sure you can see he is having a great time and we boththankyou for the lovely swing and for many happy days together filled with fun enjoying it.

Plus he asked to put his sunglasses on. (Natasha and Saul).

Saul chilling in the garden Saul on his swing



Matthew and Daniel - 10 & 11 year old brothers 

Suffers from: Microcephaly

Wish 68 & 69/08 - Wanted to go to Eurodisney.

In March, Matthew and Daniel finally got their wish to meet up withtheirfavourite Disney characters when Kids in Need sent them both to Eurodisney.

Thank you so much for the opportunity of a holiday in Eurodisney. We all had a fabulous time. I did not know what Daniel's understanding would be, however hes smiley face all week said it all. Matthew loved the characters and managed to obtain 5 autographs. We saw the parade every day, and probably know all the words to the songs. We all enjoyed the rides, and spent lots of time in "small world" and the "tea cup". (Lisa - Matthew & Daniel's mum.)

Matthew & Daniel The boys with Mickey Mouse



Jenna- 12 years old  

Suffers from: Jenna is deaf  

Wish 44/08 - Wanted to see a ballet performance.

Not only did Jenna get tickets to see Romeo and Juliet perfomed by the award-winning Northern Ballet Theatre but she was also given the opportuntiytowatch the warm ups, take part in workshops and even got the chance to try out a few moves. And if this was not enough to make Jenna's dream come true, she was then presented with a Romeo and Juliet poster signed by everyone in the show.

"It's really exciting, the dancers have been really friendly....It's very hard work though, I don't know how they cope", said Jenna on the day.


Link to EDP24 web

Link to BBC Norfolk web

Jenna trying out a few moves



Matthew - 14 years old

Suffers from: Totally deaf. 

Wish 65/08 - Matthew wanted to come to London to see his favourite team....Arsenal.

"..He had a wonderful day, thank you very much!" (Matthew's mum) 

Matthew at Arsenal



Jack - 13 years old

Suffers from:  Has had a Kidney transplant. 

Wish 04/08 - Jack's love of football and his team West Ham encoraged his parents to write in for a wish to visit the West Ham grounds.

Kids in Need together with West Ham managed to make Jack's day memorable because not only did Jack, his friend and their dads get to sit in the managers seats, meet the players but Jack was also awarded a signed football.  

If all that was not enough, West Ham beat Sunderland 2 - 0 !

"Thank you for my day at West Ham United it was brilliant....First of all we went to the box where we were going to eat. Then a man came to our table. His name was Tony and he was looking after me, my dad, my friend Matthew and his dad. He told us that we would be going down to the tunnel, that was very exciting then he said there will be another surprise later.

After lunch Tondy came and got us because it was time to go down to the tunnel. We all got excited. When we got to the doors were the tunnel was my friend saw Matthew Upson. Then when we came through and out the tunnel, we got to sit in the mangers seats (see photo).

It was time to go back to the box when the special guest came in Phil Parks and he was announcing different people in the room. Then he annouced, (this is sort of what he said), 'on table 33 we have a young man his name is Jack. He is recovering from quite a serious operation he had a kidney transpland at a young age so would he like to come up and get his signed football'. So I went up there and got it.

It was time for the game between West Ham United and Sunderland. We all went to our seats the players came out and the game was underway...Halftime and it was 1-0 West Ham Robert Green my favourite player didn't let in any goals. Time for the second half Sunderland started....Fulltime and the final score was 2-0 to West Ham United.

We all went back to the box and me, my dad said bye to my mate Mathew and his dad then we said thank you to Tony for looking after us that day. Then we all went home it was a great day out so thanks a lot.  (Jack)

At West Ham United



Samuel - 15 years old

Suffers from:   Borm prematurely and has bowel and kidney problems. 

Wish 98/07 - Samuel's wish was to drive a racing car.

"Sam really enjoyed driving the Ferrari, he loves anything to do with cars and not many children of 15 can say they have driven one. It was exciting for us as a family to see him do this because if you look back from being born and what he has accomplished its hard to beieve as you would never of thought it. 

Thans again for making this happen."  (Sam's Mum)


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