Some of the wishes Kids in Need have granted during 2010

In 2009 we managed to grant 124 deserving wishes and hope to match or even beat this number in 2010. 


 Below are a selection of the wishes that we have granted so far in 2010.




Sonny - 5 years old

Suffers from: B-Cell Lymphoma

 Wish 97/10 - Sonny starts his first major chemo on Tuesday (just 4 days before Christmas) and to help him through the many hours he will spend in Great Ormond Street and to keep up with School, Kids in Need were pleased to purchase an ipad for him.


I have just received the attached picture of my 5 year old nephew Sonny receiving the ipad you granted as a wish for him and wanted to thank you so very much for this and all the hard work you must do to raise the money.
My sister Laura is also so very grateful. And Sonny, well he's just delighted as you can see.
He is having his first major chemo on Tuesday and we hope after a very difficult 6 months he will make a full recovery PG.
With love and thanks - Ruth.


Sonny with his ipad


Steve - 11 years old

Suffers from: ODD & Autism

Wish 68/10 - Steve asked Kids in Need if it was possible for us to provide a home and run for his 3 pets, Codie, Bradley & Zack.


Not only are we truely grateful to Kids in Need for you granting such a special wish but also, knowing how busy you must all be with the inenviable task of trying to grant the most wishes with limited funds, for your dedication and hard work getting it all here so fast. Apologies for taking so long to get in touch but we had to wait for a respite day (Steve also has two sisters with autism) to put it up safely and for the great British weather to be kind to us.  Most of it was put up yesterday, just in time before the downpour, and fingers crossed the rest of the run will go up tomorrow depending on weather....and respite.
Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for the very special job that you do caring for so many granting very special wishes!!!


We would all like to say a HUGE THANK-YOU for your immense kindness in granting Steves wish.

Please enjoy the attached photos of Steves very happy, not to mention warm and dry thanks to the cover you purchased, guinea-pigs and Steve in his raincoat enjoying his little friends. (Steve's Mum)
Steve & the new home for his pets  The pets nice and dry




Maria - 10 Years old

Suffers from: Downs Syndrome, Coeliac Disease and Dislocated Patella

Wish 67/10 - Maria finds walking very difficult and as her old buggy was unsafe for her to use, she asked if we could grant her wish and purchase a brand new safe buggy. With this in mind, Kids in Need bought Maria a MacLarens Major Elite Stroller.

..As you can see from the picture she looks very happy with her new buggy. We would like to say a huge thank you for all your help (Maria's Mum).


 Maria in her new buggy 




Evan - 4 years old

Suffers from: Eczema, Allergies & Autism

Wish 63/10 - As Evan loves to pretend to play shop, his wish was for a general store and cash till so Kids in Need gave him a large with cash till and play money as well as some M&S play food cans and play groceries so he could stock up his shelves.

  <photo to follow - GS>


Joshua - 5 years old

Suffers from: Larsens Syndrome and hearing & kidney problems.

Wish 58/10 - Despite not having a tree in his garden, Joshua really wanted to have a tree house to play in so Kids in Need managed to find him a perfect gift.

Thank you all very much for fullfilling Joshua's wish for a treehouse. We dont actually have a tree in our garden but it was Joshua's request. I was so surprised to receive delivery of the playhouse up on legs. Joshua is so happy with his playhouse and has been getting great enjoyment from it. We as a family moved into a bungalow as Joshua is unable to manage stairs, so the few steps up to his playhouse makes him feel very special and grown up.
Thank you again. (Serena - Joshua's Mum)


 Joshua with his new play house



Susannah - 14 years old

Suffers from: Downs Syndrome & Autism

Wish 52/10 - Due to Susannah's love for being out and about, she asked if we could grant her a wish to have a holiday at Centre Parcs.

  Thank you so much to Kids in Need for funding a short break for Susannah at Center Parcs.  She had an absolutely brilliant time (despite the rain!).  Susannah loves to be active and she participated in so many fun activities like canoeing, climbing, abseiling, bowling, table tennis and badminton.  She also got plenty of opportunities to practice riding her new trike as well as riding on the tag-along bike with her Dad.  It was fantastic and she is a very lucky girl - she loved it all!  Thank you so much for giving her the opportunity. - Susannah's Mum.

 Susannah on her bike  More activities  Susannah at Centre Parcs





Tyler - 6 years old

Suffers from: Giant Exomphalasa & serious food allergies.

Wish 50/10 - Tyler and his mum live in Romford, 2007 miles away from his Grandparents in Cyprus.  So when tyler asked for a laptop so that he could speak to his Grandparents on skype as well as doing his school work, Kids In Need was only to happy to help.

When we spoke to Tyler's Mum to arrange for them to come and collect his laptop, she said that he was so excited that he could hardly contain himself.  Anyway, according to his Mum, after a tense and exciting ten minute journey to Emma's house to collect the new laptop, Tyler was straight into the box and asking if it worked yet and if he could talk on skype.  Needless to say, Mum explained that it needed to be charged first and they could start the very next day.  Tyler also said that apart from school work and skyping to the sunny shores of Cyprus he was keen to look at bargains on Ebay........So there you have it, Kids In Need has helped Tyler keep in touch with is family, complete his school work and perhaps started this young man off in making his first million as a budding Ebay entrepreneur!!





Georgia - 13 years old

Suffers from: Global Delay

Wish 49/10 - Due to Georgia's love of singing and dancing (which helps with her coordination) she asked if Kids in Need could purchase her a Nintendo Wii.

Thank you very much for the generous donation of a Nintendo Will plus Wii fit and games. ....She said she loves it and was totally thrilled with the karaoke revolution and lots of dance games. She is always singing and dancing to music so recieving this is just the icing on the cake. Thank you again.   - (Georgia's Mum).

Georgia singing away 




Tayla - 9 years old

Suffers from: Cromosone lim 21

Wish 45/10 - Tayla asked Kids in Need if we could grant him a weekind away at a Caravan Park as he remembered fondly of going there previously.

Thanks to you and Kids in need for a great weekend at Clapton .Tayla had such a good time there and so did we as a family.It was time out from home that we all enjoyed. Thank you so much.  - Tayla's Mum.





Ben - 11 years old

Suffers from: Autism and Oalar Motor Apraxia

Wish 36/10 - Ben's wish was to head to London to see the West End show Oliver! 

Kids in Need managed to not only organise  tickets to the show but Ben also got to go back stage to meet some of the cast and then as a special treat he also got to stay over in a London hotel. 

Thank you so much for fulfilling Bens wish. He had a fantastic time and we all thoroughly enjoyed our weekend.  The show was fantastic and Ben loved it, i dont think i have seen him enjoy anything so much before his face was a picture.  He enjoyed going backstage and we met Mr Bumble (pictured below), we were shown how all the scenery worked and some of the props and we even got to stand on the stage!!  We also met Bill Sykes.  The hotel was lovely and very comfortable and Ben loved his breakfast.  Once again thank you, we really did appreciate all the trouble you went to. (Sally - Ben's mum).

 Ben arriving at the theatre 

Backstage with the stars

After the show




Anastasia - 13 years old

Suffers from: Autism & Global joint development delay

Wish 35/10 - Anastasia asked Kids in Need for a trike so we purchased a bright pink one for her.

She was very happy when she came home from school the day it was delivered and she got off the bus to see it sitting in the garden waiting for her. 
She has taken to it very well and is enjoying riding it, and the exercise will do her good....You have made our special needs little girl very happy indeed...Many thanks. (Anastasia's mum).


 Anastasia on her pink trike  Anastasia enjoying her trike




Fatma - 8 years old

Suffers from: Global Delay

Wish 29/10 - Fatma asked if we could get her a swing.


Fatma as snug as a bug  Fatma




George - 13 years old

Suffers from: Autism

Wish 24/10 - Due to George's love of everything Disney, his parents asked if Kids in Need could make his dream come true by sending him to Eurodisney so that is just what we did.

Can we start by saying a big

THANK YOU to Kids in Need for making our special sons dream come true. As you know George has severe Autism and one of his Autistic traits is “ Everything Disney ” so for him to imagine a land where everything is Disney is like heaven to George.

On the night before our trip we did our best to explain to George that we had to get up early the next day and travel a long way to Disneyland thinking he may object the next morning as he sometimes does. We were very wrong as the next morning George was awake at 4.30am and pulling us out of bed with excitement. George’s behavior on the trip was excellent, right from the UK motorways, the Channel Tunnel and then through France to Paris. One of our highlights on the journey out was when George spotted a Disneyland theme road sign and his faced beamed with excitement. At this point he knew we were telling the truth and the place really did exist.

We arrived at Disney’s Davey Crockett Ranch where the staff were very helpful and even let us into our accommodation early knowing our circumstances. The minute we had unpacked we were off to Disneyland. George was overwhelmed from the minute we arrived, and to think at this point we were only at the ticket barrier, but to say the place is awesome is an understatement. We made our way to Disney’s City Hall where we were given a special pass so we could go to the exits of the ride and not have to queue. The staff in Disney were very accommodating and were fully aware of children with Autism which made us all fell very relaxed. George was given a map of the park and from that moment on it was all systems go with everything from Peter Pan to Monsters Inc. Needless to say we all slept very well every evening and looked forward to the next day with as much excitement.

To make the trip even better the weather was superb with full sunshine everyday and great temperatures, so as you can imagine many ice creams and drinks were consumed.

The trip home was also very good with George returning with a heart full of very happy memories.

Once again thank you all so, so much for making our son so very happy and filling a mum and dad’s heart with joy.  Paul & Rachel- George's parents.


 At Euro Disney  George   Joe with his mum



Matthew - 6 years old

Suffers from: Autism

Wish 17/10 - Matthew's wish was for a special pushchair (the Special Tomato Jogger) which would allow him to venture out with his family and spend some quality time outside of the house.


I just wanted to thank you again for providing Matthew with the Special Tomato Jogger.......It is just fantastic to be able to go out and about again :)


We kept it in the house for a while to let Matthew get used to using it and then started short journeys to the local park and back.  During Easter Holidays we went to Legoland and it was brilliant.  There's no way we could have even contemplated any such day out before we had the jogger and Matthew loved it which was so good to see.  When things got a bit much for him he dived in his jogger, pulled the hood over and stimmed at the top of his voice and then emerged a few minutes later with a little smile - usually, it would have been a screaming fit in the middle of the floor that would have lasted ages.


Thanks to your generosity Matthew is now beginning to see the outside in a much more positive way. (Matthew's parents)

  <photo to follow - DM>



Kenney - 3 years old

Suffers from: Hypo Thyroidism 

Wish 16/10 - Kenney's wish was to have his very own trampoline and so that is what Kids in Need granted.

We would just like to say a big THANK YOU, kenney's trampoline arrived this morning......

...He has spent many hours on the trampoline so far, and always enjoys his time on it. Many thanks again for your support. Claire - Kenney's mum.


Kenney on his trampoline



Ryan - 6 years old

Suffers from: Autism 

Wish 15/10 - Ryan's wish was to have a bubble tube so Kids in Need commissioned a bubble tube to be made for him. 

"Firstly a massive thank you to all at Kids In Need, Ryan loves his bubble tube and it has helped him greatly. Ryan finds it very relaxing to watch the bubbles and so this has a calming affect on him especially when he is having trouble dealing with his emotions. Not only have we used the bubble tube for relaxation and quiet times with Ryan, but we have also played colour matching games using the coloured buttons to change the colour of the bubbles. We did have a very small bubble tube that unfortunately got knocked over and smashed, this one however is very sturdy and purpose built for a child like Ryan. More importantly it's safe for him to use. Thank you once again from Ryan and his family".

Ryan and his bubble tube




Kyle - 3 years old

Suffers from: Autism and Laryngomalacia

Wish 14/10 - Kyle wanted to have a trike just like his brother so he asked if Kids in Need could grant his wish, which we did.

Kyle loves his new trike. Thank you (Kyles mum)

 Kyle on his new trike



Oliver - 11 years old

Suffers from: Severe Speech & Language disorder

 Wish 12/10 - Oliver asked for a holiday to Centre Parcs which we sent him on.

Olly and his family had a wonderful break at Center Parcs in Longleat during the October half term holiday.  Olly loved the water slides and the rapids in the subtropical swimming paradise and went there every day.  He also enjoyed badminton, snooker, cricket, bike riding (up very steep hills!) and climbing on the aerial adventure course (see picture).  It was an amazing and very active break and the whole family had a brilliant time.  Thank you so much to Kids in Need for this great experience. 




 Ruby - 3 years old

Suffers from: Cerebral Palsy 

Wish 09/10 - Ruby's wish was for something that would help to improve the quality of her life so Kids in Need purchased a shed to house her  equipment and supplies.

Thanks so much for the shed....Ruby was born via elective cesarean and although there weren't any major complications with the pregnancy she was unfortunately born severely anaemic. The doctors believe that my placenta had ruptured and that Ruby's blood had gone directly into my bloodstream. They said that if I hadn't had the cesarean then she would have died.

Because of the lack of blood this caused severe brain damage to the most part of her brain (severe Cerebral Palsy). Ruby also has other conditions because of the damage to her brain. some of these include:

Registered blind / Moderate hearing loss in both ears / Feeding difficulties so she is fed via a tube / Epilepsy which is hard to control / Severe development delay / Scoliosis / Hip problems.

Because of Ruby's various medical problems it means that she needs lots of equipment and supplies. We have delivered each month at least 6 boxes of syringes, 3 boxed of feeding sets, 8 boxes of milk, 2 boxes of suction tubes. She has her monthly medicines to store, nappies, standing frame, resonance board, resonance bean bag, positioning wedges only to name a few! Because of this it means that Ruby does not have the optimum space to play and have physio. It also meant that the boxes were dangerous as they were in the way when she was being carried. They also were in the way when pushing her around the house in the chair. It was surprising how much that affected Ruby's everyday life!

When we were asked if there was anything that Ruby wanted, that was the main thing that would make her quality of life better. So thank you so much for granting her this request as it will improve her life immensely. (Charlotte - Ruby's Mum)



Joe - 6 years old

Suffers from: Williams Syndrome & heart problems

Wish 05/10 - Being a big Manchester United fan, Joe asked if it was possible to be a mascot for them at one of their games however this was not possible so Kids in Need not only sent him and his family to see Manchester United play against Liverpool but we also put him up in a hotel overnight and organised for a tour of the stadium the following day. 

..We had a wonderful weekend in Manchester last week...again a million thanks from Joe and us for a wonderful treat. (Joe's Mum). 

 Joe at the stadium  Joe




William - 10 years old

Suffers from: Multi complex & Fanconi syn:, epilepsy & rickets

Wish 01/10 - William asked Kids in Need for a Kinetic wonder wall which has lots of moving parts, discs to spin, bells to ring & balls to roll. The wall will encourage William, who is severely disabled, to benefit from touching it and rewarding his tactile faculties.


William with his Kinetic Wonder Wall





Lauren - 15 years old

Suffers from: Is profoundly deaf. 

Wish 118/09 - Laura asked Kids in Need if we could arrange for her to either meet Peter Andre or Watch Liverpool FC play and in the end we managed to get her a singed picture of Peter and provided her with 4 hospitality tickets to a Liverpool match which she attended with her parents and a friend. 

 "We would like to say a big thank you for purchasing the hospitality tickets for Laura to see Liverpool FC. We had a fabulous day. Liverpool won and Laura's 2 favourite players scored so we can't really ask for much better than that. Laura would also like to thank you for the singed photo of Peter Andre, she was so pleased when that arrived in the post. (Karen - Laura's Mum).


 Laura at the game



Luke - 9 years old

Suffers from: Global Development Delay & he is unable to read or write. 

Wish 112/09 - Luke asked to go to Centre Parcs and Kids in Need granted this for him.

Luke had a super time at Centreparcs and we took his brothers old bike for him to ride. Previously he had been riding a bike which was too small for him but he cold stop easily by putting his feet on the ground. He loved being on a 'big' bike and the conditions at Centrparcs (ie no cars!!) enabled him to learn to ride the bike. He also became better at using brakes rather than feet. He also went down the water slides - had to be bribed to try and went down screaming however after that we couldn't keep him off it.
He had a brilliant time and kept saying that the holiday was for him and how much he loved it. Thank you so much. (Luke's Mum)


Luke at Centre Parcs



Jake - 4 years old

Suffers from: Cerebal Palsy and Epilepsy. 

Wish 109/09 - Jake's wish was to see the show Thriller which Kids in Need happily granted.

Jack together with his parents, travelled from Gosport, Portsmouth and stayed in a hotel and saw the show from a box in the theatre.

"Thank you so much for our trip to see Thriller. We had a great time. The show was fantastic. All my love". - Jake.






Lauren - 15 years old

Suffers from: Autism 

Wish 103/09 - Lauren's wish was to go and see the west end show Mamma Mia and so Kids in Need organised for her to not only go and see the show but to also meet the cast backstage.

Yesterday’s trip to London was a great success and Lauren had a great time. We arrived about 10.30am at Waterloo Station and then walked down to the Shaftesbury Avenue area andspent sometime looking around until it was time to go to the Rainforest Café. We had a lovely 3 course meal which included a huge’ Volcano’ ice cream which we all shared though I think Lauren had more than her share!  Then it was on to see Mamma Mia and Lauren was very excited as having been to local theatres before she knew what to expect once we were sat in our seats. The show was brilliant andLauren was completely enthralled by the whole thing. Meeting the cast was very special as they were all very kind and friendly and it was great to actually see back stage and it helped Lauren relate to the performance more in the 2ndhalf  which meant she enjoyed it all the more! We also got a signed poster which we were able to get back safely on the train and we are going to get it framed as a memento of the day.

Many thanks to both yourself and Kids in Need for giving Lauren this wonderful experience. (Claire - Lauren's mum).

Lauren with the cast

Lauren back stage




Reece - 9 years old

Suffers from:   Cerebral Palsy

Wish 102/09 - Reece asked if he could go and see a Wrestling match and so Kids in Need sent him to the O2 in Greenwich to see wrestlers from the WWE of the USA.

..Well what can I say, an amazing night. The boys all really enjoyed themselves as you will see from the pictures. I can not thank you enough for giving my boys a night to remember that they were able to enjoy together. I don't think they will ever forget it and a special thank you to our lovely driver, Richard. (Terrijayne)

At the o2   

Waiting for the action





Sam - 16 years old

Suffers from: Kidney/aorta surgery and has learning difficulties. 

Wish 89/09 - Sam's wish to Kids in Need was for a 'super car day' out as he has a passion for cars so Kids in Need sent him to Prestwold Hall for the day where Sam enjoyed a Junior Ferrari driving experience in the morning followed by a rally driving experience in the afternoon.

Just making contact to say a very big THANK YOU.....Sam started by being taken round the track in a Misubishi Evo, which he then drove round himself. Followed by three times round the track with him driving a Ferrari and then driving a Rally Car on a different track. He really had a fantastic time and it was such a great opportunity - just his ideal dream.

Thank you and kids in Need for your wonderful present - we are truly greatful. (Sam's family)

Sam  Bet that car goes fast!




Jake - 15 years old

Suffers from: Autism & Aspergers. 

Wish 83/09 - Jake asked if it was possible to have drumming lessons and Kids in need not only sorted this out for him but Jack also went to a studio where he recorded a song.

Jake had a fantastic time, as did his parents....(Lol - KinN committee member)



Lillie - 15 years old

Suffers from: Downs Syndrome. 

Wish 71/09 - Lillie's wish was  to go and see a theatre performance in London so Kids in Need booked for her to go and see Dirty Dancing at the Aldwych theatre as well as organising for her to meet the cast where she got handed a signed bag and teddy.

I just want to say a really big thank you for such a fantastic wish. Lillie had the best day and so enjoyed the show and it was the icing on the cake when we all got to meet the cast and Lillie loved seeing behind the scenes as she would love to be an actor so thanks again for all your help in arranging Lillie's wish. (Karen - Lillie's mum)


 Lillie and the lead actors Lillie and her gift


Suffers from: Larsens Syndrome (dislocation of joints) and hearing and kidney problems.

Wish 58/10 - Despite not having a tree in his garden, Joshua really wanted to have a tree house to play in so Kids in Need managed to find him a perfect gift.