Some of the wishes Kids in Need have granted during 2011


This is a collection of some of the wishes that we have granted.....


Wish 42.11

3 Years old suffering from Social Communication Delay. Non-Verbal.

The wish was for an Ipad2.

The message from Mum and Dad below says everything.

"We are delighted to say that our son loves it - and virtually from the moment we switched it on has been very enthusiastic in wanting to use it. We have downloaded a number of 'apps' aimed at helping autistic children and they have really grabbed his attention.

You'll see from the pictures that his favourite is matching letters and within a few days has learned to drag the letters across the screen and match them to the outline. He also does similar tasks with colours and numbers.

We use a visual prompts schedule to help him understand what we want him to do - and also for him to let us know what he wants. We now have a 'computer' prompt which is part of his daily routine. The other day we were in the living room and he went and got the 'computer' prompt and handed it to us.

The ipad2 really is benefitting him and complements really well the work he does at his specialist and mainstream nurseries.

We are both extremely grateful to Kids in Need for their generosity in granting this wish."

Wish 42.11wish 42.11wish 42.11 pic3


Wish 32.11

Patrick - 13 Years Old

Patrick suffers from agenesis of the Corpus Collosum, Autism and severe learning disabilities.

Patrick's wish was to be provided with a trike. This was ordered from Cycle King and collected by Mum to be given to Patrick for Christmas.

Thank you letter and picture to follow. 


Wish 20.11

Brogan - 12 years old

Severe autisum and no speech

Brogan's wish was for a DVD/CD player.

Brogan Whitfield



Wishes 40.11 and 41.11

Samantha & Jaimie - 4 years old

Samantha suffers from Global brain damage, eyesight poor,microcephely. Epilepsy. Developmental.

Jaimie suffers from Lymphola Hyperplasia. Intestines swell during day.

Samantha and Jaimie wanted a wooden climbing frame for the garden.

The message below from Mum says everything:

"We would just like to say once again how grateful we are to you and Kids in Need, Samantha and Jamie are both in and out of hospital at the moment and so this climbing frame could not have come at a better time as they are having to keep away from people as much as poss because of their low immunity, to be honest though I do not think they would want to go any where elese you have made two little children so so happy and there are honestly not enough words to thank you, this is not just fun for them but will encourage Samantha to keep developing her motor skills and will help Jamies tummy, I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and I hope you realise how much you improve families lives all our love Paula, Samantha and Jamie x x x"

Samantha Cook

Jaimie Cook


Wish 26.11

Georgina wanted to go to Legoland - the message below from Mum says it all.

"Georgina is 9 years old and has Down Syndrome. Kids in Need very kindly gave us a Legoland holiday which was absolutely fabulous !We had 3 days at Legoland and a day at Chessington.  Georgina had a fantastic time going on lots of rides and seeing the animals at Chessington zoo.She especially enjoyed staying at the very smart hotel and helping herself to the buffet breakfast each morning and swimming in the hotel pool. We all had a really lovely time and thank you very much from Georgina and the Parker family."

Georgina Parker - Legoland

Georgina Parker - Legoland2

Georgina Parker - Legoland 3


Wishes 84.10 and 85.10 - Amy and Liam (Completed in August 2011)

The request was for a family holiday for both Amy and Liam together with their parents. The message below from Mum says it all.

"perfect time at Haven both my kids who have special needs my daughter  Amy age 13 has moderate learning and my son age 9 who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)and oppositional defiant disorder(ODD)they both really enjoyed there time with the haven funstars as you can see in the pictures, as haven made the kids time fun and enjoyable and made them feel special as Liam my son was on stage to ,a big thanks to Debbie at kids in need could not do it without you kelli,Andrew Amy and Liam xx"

Amy and Liam Caldwell at Haven

Amy and Liam Caldwell at Haven 


Wish 17/11

Taylor - 9 years old 

Suffers from ADHA, Nurofibromatosis

Taylor wished for an outside swing/climbing frame so he could play in the garden over the summer months.

We purchased a swing for Thomas who was so excited he wanted to use the swing before it was fully assembled.

 Wish 14/11
Mark - 16 years old who suffers from Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
Mark loves Doctor Who and his mum asked if we could send him to the Doctor Who experience at the Earls Cort Olympia.
Not only did we managed to send him there but we also arranged for Mark and his family to come to London for two day so that they could all visit some of the sites too.
"It has been a fantastic experience for him. It was so nice to have an opportunity to take him to London, especially as so many of the scenes in Doctor Who are filmed in the city". (Mark's Mum)
Exterminate!  Cyberman

Wish 13/11 was for an outdoor playcentre. The message below from Mum says it all.

"I would like to say a great BIG THANK YOU to you and everyone at Kids In Need, as you have been of an immense help to our family.  Words simply cannot express the extent of how thankful we are.

It truly is wonderful for our son to be able to have a playhouse in our back garden which he can make full use of, due to his disabilities, he is not able to play with the other children in the park, but at least this playhouse means that he is not missing out on opportunities to play and explore and to develop his physical strength and to receive it just in time for his birthday was the icing on the cake.  He absolutely adores his new playhouse and loves sliding down the mini slide with our help.  I remember the first time we showed it to him (it took his dad about 5 hours to build and install it) but it was totally worth it, as his little face just lit up when he saw it, and he asked to go into the house as soon as he set eyes on it, and even when it was 9pm and time to go to bed he still wanted to stay in his new playhouse!  To see him so happy after all that he has been through just made me feel so emotional and brought a few tears to my eyes.  It is the greatest present that he has even received and thanks to Kids in Need you have made his dream come true and given him and us something to smile about.  We are truly grateful from the bottom of our heart!  THANK YOU!!!"




Wish 03/11
Aaron who is 13 on Sunday 31st July suffers with Neuronal Migration Disorder., Global & Speech Delay and has learning difficulties lives with family in Langdon Hills, Basildon went to Kelvedon Forest, Center Parcs.

 Just wanted to say thank you so much for arranging a brilliant weekend to Centre Parcs for us.  We had great weather, and such a lovely weekend.  Aaron particularly enjoyed the subtropical pool, and especially the rapids which he went on with his dad. Thankyou so much.





Wish 77/10

Adam - 16 years old

Adam requires support at all times with limited social language and is very vulnerable and easily distressed.
As with most autistic children he has one particular special passion which in Adam's case is wild & prehistoric animals.
As a consequence Kids in Need arranged for him to go to Whitby and visit the prehistoric coast where there are various artifacts and museums.

Thank you letter

     77 10b77 10




 Iris - 3 years old

We could put a message here, but I think this quote from Iris's dad says it all.

"Just over a year ago our 3 year old daughter Iris was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Having grown out of pushchairs at just over a year old she suddenly found herself unable to walk more than a few paces. However her old pushchair was not rated to hold children over 15kg. We approached Kids in need. Within a few weeks they delivered a brand new Maclaren Major, a buggy designed to safely accommodate children of Iris's age and older. Iris is very pleased with her new wheels and its a great relief for us to have a pushchair that is safe for her to use. Thank you Kids in Need."

Iris in her new buggy


Oscar - 3, Arialle - 7 and Noah - 10 

All three siblings are suffering with Ehlog Danlog Syndrome.  They live with their parents and they really wanted an outdoor play swing, slide and climbing frame that they could all play together on.  Kids in Need made sure they found one that was big enough for all three of them to play on.

The quote from mum was "Thank you so much for the amazing frame and the work that you all do"

 Climbing frame           Climbing frame