Some of the wishes Kids in Need have granted during 2012


Wish 118.12

Hope - Suffers with congenital central hypoventilation syndrome. IGF-i deficiency. Ventilated when asleep. Processing language issues. Constipation, temperature control problems & urine urgency. - 7 years old

Hope's mum sent the following message to Kids in Need.

"Thank you so much for bringing over Hope's gift of playmobile today. She was so overwhelmed by your generosity as were we all! She loves it all...we just have to put it together now! We have had a difficult year in 2012, so this was an absolute brilliant start to 2013! We will send photo's when it's all constructed...our plan for tonight, and tomorrow night and Thursday night and  With grateful thanks".



Courtney - Suffers from cerebal palsey & moderate global delay including delayed physical learnng and communicatin skills and autism - She is 7  years old.

"Please find attached photo of Courtney using her ipad funded by yourselves. I'm sure you will agree what a cute!"



Wish 93.12

Tom - 10 years old - Noonan syndrome & autism. Poor muscle tone and hyperflexible joints

"A huge thank you!!!!! Tom loves the ipad he hasnt stopped all night. Many Many thanks!!!!"



Wish 77.12


Theo - Autistic- Age 11 years old


Theo has very limited interests and the two key things he loves is Computers and Penguins. Knowing the benefits that an Ipad can bring to Autistic children, Kids in Need granted Theo his wish to have his very own Ipad with grey case.


Theo's Mum sent us the following message:

"We would like to say a big thank you to 'kid's in need' for supplying an
Ipad for our Autistic son. His interaction with the Ipad has been fantastic,
possibly comparable with swimming with dolphins. His ability to concentrate
on one subject has improved, his reading and number recognition has
developed. The best thing we found with the Ipad is it's ability to calm him
down if he gets distressed.  Many many thanks"



Wish 73.12

Max - Velo-cardio facial syndrome/22qll. Epilepsy, Hypotomia - Age 12

After using an iPad at his special needs school, Max really, really wanted one of his own.

Kids in Need received an email from his parents saying. "Thank you so much for Max`s iPad. Max used iPads at his special needs school and has been going on for ages about having his own one. Max has 22Q11, which affects his speech, language, learning and social skills amongst other things. He loves using his iPad to video his family and toy train set, he also takes photos with it. he can surf the net and his spelling and writing is coming on really well thanks to the iPad. One of his favourite apps is Talking Tom which is helping with his speech as he likes the fact that it repeats what he says back in a funny voice".

 Thanks to everybody involve in Kids in Need






Wish 68.12


James - Severe autism. Learning difficulties. Non-verbal- Age 12


James asked if Kids in Need would be able to get him is very own Ipad to help him learn while having fun and so we did.

James's mum sent a big thank you to Kids in Need. " Thank you so much for organising this and please do pass on our deepest thanks to your wonderful Charity.  Granting James the iPad has given him an opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time, thank you so much!"





Wish 47.12

Ryan - Hypermobility, Autistic and has multiple allergies - Age 14

Ryan loves his Xbox and really, really, really wanted a Kinect. Kids in Need not only purchased a Kinect for Ryan but also got him 4 games to play on it.

His mum wrote to us saying, "Thank you so much to Kids in Need who granted my son Ryan his wish of a Kinect. Ryan has autistic spectrum disorder and severe anxieties plus multiple allergies. Due to Ryan's conditions he barely leaves his bedroom so his Xbox  is his lifeline. By having the Kinect he can now incorporate his game playing with exercise instead of just sitting in a chair. He can also have face to face conversations with his friends which he lacks massively by not leaving the house. This wish may not seen much to some people but to Ryan it has made a big difference to his daily routine. Thank You xxxxx"


Ryan and his Kinect



Wish 15.12

Phoebe - Autistic - Age 5

Phoebe wanted an iPad which would help her development and communication.

Her Mum had this to say:

"We cannot thank you enough for granting Phoebe's wish, things like this don’t normally happen to us, and we can't tell you how much this will help her with her speech and language development.  She is getting so much enjoyment from the iPad, and given the opportunity she would happily play away on it all day long.

Once again, thank you so much, your kindness is very much appreciated."

Phoebe Connor Phoebe connor 2


 Wish 09.12

Shazeb - Suffers with MPSVI Maroteaux Lamy (Shortened life expectancy)

Shazeb loves everything to do with cars including racing cars.  His wish was to have an Xbox 360 with racing games, so he could pretend he was driving the fast cars out on the racing tracks.  His dad said "he is mad about cars, sometimes he asks me to take him out on the motorway for a drive, just so he can be out in the car"

Shazeb 0912 Xbox360 wish

Wish 14.12

Ben - suffers with ADHD & Dyspraxia which effects his co-ordination and daily living skills. Aged 9.

Ben wished for an iPad. See the thank you below from Mum.

 "Dear all at kids in need,

Thank you so much for ben's ipad, he is so overjoyed, he could not stop running around our frontroom, there is alot of apps that will help him with his difficulties and i cannot thank you enough. Ben said thank you for the ipad he is learning some maths from playing maths bingo and he loves it.

Thank you."

ben cargill pic1 ben cargill pic2


Wish 11.12 

Daniel is Autistic - Aged 9 and wish 12.12 - William suffers with Aspergers Syndrome & Hypertonia - Aged 11

Daniel's wish was for an Ipad and his brother William's wish was for an Ipod.

The message below from Mum say it all.

"I have attached photos of Daniel with his sparkling new Ipad and William with his IPOD which they gratefully received from kids in need last weekend.  They were very very chuffed with them, as you can see from the pictures.  William said "can it get any more awesome?"! 

Daniel has been very happily working out how to put Peppa Pig and Thomas the Tank Engine apps on the ipad.  For a child who isn't too good with learning his ABCs, he certainly doesn't seem to have any problems with technology - he has worked out how to put photos and music on it as well!  William is very happy with his ipod - and working out how to use all the gadgets on the watch that came with it!

Thanks again for providing these for the boys - it really made their day, week and month.  And hopefully next time we go on a long trip, they will be happily entertained and causing less problems for their Mum and Dad!"

daniel grice pic1 william grice pic2

daniel grice pic2 william grice pic1




Wish 3.12

Jack - Suffers from Autism & Epilepsy - Aged 6

Jack wished for an iPad to help with his development.

jack martinez jack martinez thank you card



Wish 01.12

Ben - Suffers with Autism and Global Development Delay - Aged 4

Ben lives in Witham, Essex with his mum Angel and wished for an iPad.

Thank you letter and picture below.

ben jarvis thank you



Wish 14.11 (Completed on 14/1/12)

Dylan - Aged 13

Wish to see Liverpool

We sent Dylan, Mum, Dad and Brother (family of 4) to see Liverpool vs Stoke City and put them up in a local Liverpool  holiday inn.

See the thank you message below from the family.


"Thank you and all the lovely people at Kids in Need.

 You do a fantastic job. You have made a difference in my child life and all our lives.

 Kind regards 



Wish 43.11

Zena - Suffers with jaw problems. Underweight. Physical disabilities. Lack of motor skills - Aged 15

Zena wanted to have her very own 3 wheeled bike and this is what Kids in Need purchased for her.



Wish 37.11 (completed early 2012)

Millie - Type 1 Diabetes. Insulin dependent - Aged 6

Millie wished for a trampoline which we were able to provide.

Below is a thank you card from Millie's Mother.

millie law thank you 

millie law pic1millie law pic2


Wish 36.11 - Emily - Downs Syndrome. ASD. Loose Joints - Aged 10

Emily wished for an iPad.

Please see the thank you card below from Emily's family.

emily wish 36-11 pic1 emily wish 36-11 pic2

 emily wish 36-11 thank you card