Wishes 2013


Below you will see some of the wishes that we have granted in 2013.


Wish: 138.12

Nathan - 5 years old - Diagnosed with Autism

Nathan just loves Thomas the Tank Engine so his mum asked if Kids in Need could sort it for Nathan to visit Thomasland. Not only did we agree to send Thomas to Thomasland but we also included an overnight stay at a hotel where Nathan got to stay in the special themed Thomas room.

Comment: Nathan had a fantastic time and really enjoyed himself. Not only did he get to visit Thomasland but he saw the whole park from the park train, which meant he got to see the various animals too. A special treat was also that he got to go on the Ben10 ride and the welcome pack he received when we arrived was another special touch.  When asked he said he favourite part of the break was the Thomas bed and the fact that after meeting the Fat Controller over breakfast, EVERYTIME the fat controller saw Nathan he would always wave, say hello & remember Nathans name. The whole experience was very personal and we can not thank Kids in Need enough.


 Nathan and Thomas





Wish: 104.12, 105.12 & 106.12

Heather – 10 years old – suffers from Acute Onchronicatopic excezma. Anyphiaxis.

Nathan – 14 years old – suffers from ADHD, ASD, Dyspraxia. Asthma.

Brian – 11 years old – suffers from ADHD. Comorbidity. Asthma

Wish: Mr & Mrs Walker foster Nathan & Brian and aswell as having Heather they also have a 2 year old. The wish was for an activity holiday as the boys enjoying being active.

Comment: The children enjoyed butlins break despite our fair share of dramas Nathan my eldest had severe asthma attack and had to go emergemcy docs for nebuliser and steroids on day due to go but we got there then on Monday morning 2am middle son brian had severe asthma attack and had to go skeggy a&e as he had severe astma attack when boys were well enough they did some activities and enjoyed there hols high ropes laser quest splashworld etc.... heather did lots horseriding,archery,character meets,zorbs.bungee trampoling and of course time on beach as did jack wldnt let go of elmos leg bless him we even found time for a spa to relax ourselves thanks to a great crèche and some kids clubs many thanks for making it possible for our family to enjoy a much needed break away 


 At Butlins

Having Fun




Leona, is 3 years old and has speech delay & sensory issues.


Wish: To have her very own play house.


Comment: Leona loves her new play house were she can get some time and space to her self, she loves taking her baby's in the house for tea, thanks to every one at kids in need for there help and support with the play house

 Play house





Aaron:  Who is 5 years old was diagnosed with ASD last January 2013. He was diagnosed with Express Language Disorder when he was 3 years old. He has asthma, eczema and suffering from hyper mobility. He has different allergies too so he has dairy free, egg free, citrus fruits free, tomato free and gluten free diets.

Wish: To have an ipad

Comment received: We would like to say a very huge thank you to your wonderful IPad 2 grant for Aaron. He loved it so much!!! He enjoyed all of the games as you can see on the photo. Once again thank you very much "Kids in need".

Aaron with his ipad



Luke Hannam, aged 14 was diagnosed with Autism at age 2 and has always attended a main stream school. He has communication difficulties. In November 2012 he had his first seizure and after an EEG in January this year was diagnosed with Epilepsy which 'rocked their lives'
His parents recently decided to home educate him which is where a wish for an iPad came in.

Comment from Luke's Parents: Thank you so much for the ipad that you sent Luke, he is really happy with it and as you can see by the attached photo his already downloaded a Thomas the Tank engine game.    I have added some Maths and English apps to help him with his home schooling.   Thank you once again we really do appreciate your gift.


Luke and his ipad




Garud - x Years old - At age two and a half, Garud was diagnosed with autism and severe speech a language difficulties. He also has sensory processing difficulties and very little speech.

Wish: To have an ipad.

Comment Received: Thank you so much for Garud's i-pad, he loves it dearly and takes it to school as well, where he has sessions using it as a communication tool. We also use it to show the steps of what we doing for the day. His i-pad will be with him even when he becomes an adult because it is an important tool to aid his communication and independence.

Thank you and G-d bless.






Joshua - 8 Years old - Suffers with Autism, Global Developmental delay, ventricular sceptal defect and inuinal hernia.

Wish: To have an ipad.

Comment Received: I wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your organisation for the wonderful iPad donation you made to my son Josh.  J is 8 years and has Autism.  He is broadly non verbal and has a few word approximations.  However, this iPad has been a HUGE lifeline for him.  He is a whizz at it and has familiarised himself with it already!  He loves watching his music videos and playing gams on it.  Your organisation is doing a wonderful thing helping all these special kids and keep up the good work!  You can see for yourself how much the iPad is loved in our house in the attached pic!






Kian  - 8 years old and has Low  functioning autism & profound global developmental delay. 

Wish - Kian's wish was  for a Crelling harness for safe transport in car.  His family was worried  about him not being safe in the car when they drive him around and this harness  helps eliviate the worry.

Comment - “Just an email to say we have received Kians harness and we  are so happy that I can now drive without any worry of Kian in the car. Finally got a pic for you of Kian with his harness on, He  didnt like it at first but now hes fine with it and it has helped us soooo much,  no more worrying when driving :-) we cant thank you enough for all your help and  support.”


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