Wishes 2014


 Some of this years wishes that we have currently granted.



Wish xx/14

Owen - xx years old has autism, xyy chromosome disorder and has hyper mobility. He asked Kids in Need for an Ipad

Owen was over the moon with the I pad and I cannot tell you how amazing it has been with all the learning apps as well as the other games he lives so much such as minecraft, angry bird Star Wars and anything lego themed lol. Owen has autism, xyy chromosome disorder and has hyper mobility. He often needs time out and likes to be in his own company and the I pad let's him do this without feeling sad as he gets to play it then! He can get lost in it and quickly forgets the stressed he faces daily and I cannot thank you enough! - Owen's Mum


<photo to follow>



Wish 31/13

Natasha - 13 years old and has been losing her hearing since the age of 6 and is now severely deaf. She is also blind.

Natasha wanted to see the Lion King and we were able to arrange for her, together with Mum and Dad, to see the show at the Lyceum Theatre on Saturday 19th April. We also purchased a brochure and tote bag for her as a souvenir of her trip and well as train tickets for them to make the journey to London.

"Thankyou so much for granting Natasha’s wish.She was so surprised and exited when she found out,as you will see from the pictures she had a wonderful day and loved the show very much.

It was also lovely for us to be able to take her to London for something so positive, as usually we only go to London for hospital visits and operations her next operation is in 3 weeks time".  - Natasha's parents.

Natasha In the Theatre