Devereux Farm Intertidal Habitat Creation

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The Environment agency is currently proposing to create an Intertidal Habitat at Devereux Farm, Kirby-le-Soken,in partnership with the private landowner.

There are several stages to complete involving the Tendring District Council and local organisations.

As more information becomes available, we will endeavour to publish it as soon as possible. Most documents will be in Adobe PDF. If you do not have this software it can be downloaded FREE from here: 

The Environment Agency has issued various reports and these can be downloaded as indicated below by the highlighted titles.

Letters and representations made on behalf of the Kirby-le-Soken Village Preservation Society can be seen under appropriate headings. 

Environment Agency Publications 

1. The E.A. Fact sheet giving the background to the scheme

2.  A Non-technical summary of the modelling of the hydrodynamic and  sedimentary regime  ( a 4 page document. There may be a delay in loading )

3. Questions and answers  ( a 4 page document. There may be a delay in loading )

Kirby-le-Soken Village Preservation Society

The KVPS responses are shown in the letters and notices below

21st January 2009  Letter to local TDC Councillors
26th January         Notice and draft letter hand delivered to all residences in KLS.
Letters also sent to Essex County Council re loss of footpath
                                 and to the Ramblers Association.
E-mail sent to Douglas Carswell MP :

Dear Douglas,
I attach a letter we have sent to our local Councillors. This is a big issue for the village and we would welcome your support for a PUBLIC MEETING. It would be a travesty if such a scheme was to be steamrolled through when EVERYONE on the East Coast is greatly concerned with the effects of global warming.
best regards,


31st January    Letter to the Environment Agency from a very concerned villager 
               ( personal details have been edited out for reasons of privacy)


Meeting with Landowner and Environment Agency.

27th January.    Mr David Eagle, landowner, arranged to meet with all interested parties on site at Island lane. With the aid of maps he explained the Habitat scheme,answered questions and generally discussed a number of related concerns. A small number accompanied him in a walk around the proposed Rigdons Saline lagoon area and were shown possible sites for viewing Hides.

In the evening, a drop-in meeting was arranged in the Church hall. The Environment Agency provided numerous documents and presentation boards and their two presenters were busy all evening discussing and answering the many aspects of this scheme with Villagers.The Hamford Water Management committee also had a display about the Backwaters. 

Feedback forms and envelopes were available to return to the E.A. to register concerns and request information pamphlets.

The date for the planning application to be heard by Tendring District Council is expected to be in February .

Approval Given

Approval to the scheme was given by Tendring District Council who decided that it did not warrant inclusion in Development Control Committee agenda and could be determined under delegated powers.

There's More : See report in Frinton & Walton Gazette, March 23 2009.


2011   Latest proposal following Planning Inspector's decision not to confirm closure of public footpath.

Letter from EA detailing new proposal 


LATEST planning application for part closure of public footpath 8th March 2011