What Has The KRA Done For Anyone?

The KRA had Roundabout built at the junction of Halstead Rd. and Frinton Rd.

Then the High trees removed at the back of Woburn Avenue.

It is involved in controlling excessive planning/building.

It also holds a successful regular Tuesday afternoon group at the Baker Hall. With speakers and Quizzes

And has prevented certain individuals from being a serious nuisance with the burning waste materials that smoked out everyone.

The KRA then had layby closed opposite Parkers so that pedestrians and mobility scooters could get by.

While keeping a constant watch on pavements and holes in the roads bringing about their early maintenance.

We brought some relief to Bemerton Gardens from the rat problem.

Brought about the repaving of the Sadlers Close - Bemerton Gdns area. £450.000

And instigated the anti-speeding measures on the Thorpe Road (Gates, signs and roundel in the road)

We sorted the flooding under the bridge.

Got the youth problem in the bus shelter in Kirby-le-Soken sorted out.

It also Attends police meetings on your behalf

while Raising issues with councillors and MP's

It Was instrumental in stopping some of the motorcycle nuisance and exposed the land owners position on this matter.

We Prompt highways to deliver road planings to our unmade roads to help with their upkeep

We also overcame the train drivers fears of leaving Kirby Cross station for Frinton and finding children on the line, by having a sturdy fence replace the simple wire fence that children were climbing through, between Frinton station and the Esso Garage.

At last, we have got the end of Turpins Lane brought up to standard.


The standing water problem - sorted. New drains installed.