Tree Warden




The Tree Council's Principle Tree Officer for Tendring is:

Clive Dawson based at TDC 01255 686868 Ext. 615.

The Tree Officer heads a group of 'Tree Wardens' throughout Tendring.

The local Tree Warden is Ray Enever (Kirby Cross) 01255 676746



Highways continue to 'stump' trees in our area yet there are no replacements. This is being worked on.


Horsechestnuts are in DANGER from the Leaf Miner CAMERARIA OHRIDELLA. Report any trees that are infested. Click on the URL below for full details.


Two trees were replaced in the highway last March and two further trees are a possibility for next March. This comes about that Mr Choat of Making Places has a budget for replacing trees where we want them. Which we intend to take advantage of.


ALSO. Please keep an eye on our Ash trees for signs of die back. If you are not sure of what an ash looks like, there is a large one in the front garden of the first house past The Linnets on the Thorpe Road KX.