Welcome to Langley

The Parish of Langley consists of two parts, Langley Upper Green and Langley Lower Green which are linked by roads and footpaths.  The adult population is under 300.  The village lies in Essex and adjoins Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire, both of which can be seen on the horizons, as well as other Essex parishes.  There are outlying settlements at Killem's Green and Butts Green.  One tributary of the River Stort rises just outside the Parish, the other within.  The village is, reputedly, the highest in the County with a spot height of 134m above sea level.

The large areas of open Common land and the 'ribbon' development along the roads and around the Common land give a distinct character to the village.  These grass areas were grazed by villagers' stock within living memory.

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A 'Welcome to Langley' booklet has been prodcued by the Parish Council and a copy is given to new residents to the village: 
'Welcome to Langley' 
You can also 
find out more about what Langley offers its community here.


Langley Parish Council

The day to day activities of the village are managed by an elected Parish Council. Langley Parish Council has seven councillors who work as a team with a common aim to serve the community. The Council meets on the second Monday of every month (except August and December) at 8.00pm at the Community Centre in Langley Upper Green. All members of the public are welcome and are given the opportunity to have their say during the public session. The Parish Council is controlled by Act of Parliament, and it’s powers are restricted by statute. Each year the Council estimates the running costs of it’s activities which benefit the community, for the year ahead and sets a budget (called a precept). All expenditure incurred by the council is recorded and audited each year. Minutes of each meeting is posted on the village notice boards and the village website. 

The Role of Councillors:

The Parish Council is elected to represent and listen to the views and reasonable wishes of the villagers and make decisions of their behalf. Each term of office lasts for four years Councillors are expected to:

  • Respond in a timely manner to the needs and views of the community
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Conduct Parish affairs in a transparent manner
  • Act in a democratic way
  • Work collaboratively
  • Engage in constructive debate
  • Sign a declaration of acceptance of office
  • Give a written undertaking to abide by the Code of Conduct adopted by the Council
  • Complete a register of interests
  • During any meeting declare personal interests and if prejudicial leave the meeting for that item
  • Ensure that the Parish Council is professionally managed. 

Parish Council Duties:

As Langley is a small Parish the duties of the Parish Council is limited. Here are some examples of areas of the village that the Council has responsibility for or involved in with other groups in the village.

  • Bus Shelters
  • Burial Grounds
  • Community Centre
  • Drainage – ditches and ponds
  • Rights of way, footpaths and bridleways
  • General Spending – for anything deemed of benefit to the community
  • Gifts – Parish Council can accept gifts from villagers for the benefit of the village
  • Highways – The Parish Council has the right to enter into discussion with the local authority over plans regarding roads, diversion or discontinuation of highway, traffic signs and other notices.
  • Legal Proceedings – power to defend any legal proceedings in the interests of the community, power to take part in any public enquiry
  • Litter – provision of litter bins and support anti litter campaigns
  • Planning – Parish council must be notified of any planning applications in the area
  • Recreation – Provision and maintenance of recreation grounds, village greens and common land
  • Seats – public
  • Signs – Place names and bus stop signs

Clerk to the Council:

The Clerk’s role is to provide professional support to the Council by recording it’s activities and implementing it’s decisions. The Clerk to Langley Parish Council is also its Financial Officer and maintains all financial records.

If you require further information please contact the Clerk to the Council whose details are shown below, or contact any one of the Parish Council Members listed on the Who’s Who page of this website.

Contact: langleyclerk@googlemail.com