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Leigh-on-Sea A Quality Council

Leigh-on-Sea Town Council is proud to announce that it was re-accredited with 'Quality Status' in 2010 for a further four years. This means that the level of service provided by the Council has reached the level required of a quality council, both from the Councillors and the Administration staff.

We are justifiably proud of this achievement, as there are only 345 quality councils in the whole country out of about 9,500 parishes.

We do recognise, however, that Quality Status is not an end itself, and we know that we must continue to act as a quality council in all our activities.

We would appreciate help from the members of the public in Leigh to highlight and identify areas of our service we can improve. Nevertheless, we have to acknowledge that there are various facets of everyday life over which we cannot exercise control: roads and pavements, schools, housing, libraries, recycling and rubbish collection are outside our control, but we may be able to have an impact on Southend Borough Council.

For the time being, we are content to be a quality council, and thank all those who have contributed towards this achievement.

Leigh-on-Sea Town Council is within the Unitary Authority of Southend-on-Sea and acts, through its 16 councillors to represent the interests of the town of Leigh-on-Sea

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