3rd January 2018
Dear Councillor,
A meeting of the Parish Council will be held at 7.00p.m. on Tuesday 9th January 2018, in the Village Hall to consider the items set out in the Agenda below, and you are hereby summoned to attend.
Yours sincerely,
Clerk of the Council.
4. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING To approve as a correct record and authorize the Chairman to sign the minutes of the meeting held on 28th November 2017, copy attached.
9. HIGHWAYS MATTERS  To receive update on reported matters.
10. AFFORDABLE HOUSING   To receive an update.  A date to visit the affordable houses had been set by Hastoe: Tuesday 16 January 2018 at 2.30 p.m. A list of those who wish to attend is required.

11. ASSETS OF COMMUNITY VALUE   a) Re-nomination  To present and approve the draft re-nomination forms for the assets: Car Park,           Lower Road; Gaston Green Chapel, Gaston Green and Little Hallingbury Mill, Mill Lane.
b) Re-nominated Assets of Community Value in October 2017 To receive the UDC decision of re-nominated assets of community value: The George Public House and St. Mary’s Church.
a) Payments The following payments had been made during the period 14th October to 13th November 2017:             £ HMRC – Tax August (FT+GB)                           250.80 F. Townsend - net salary September + holidays           1,011.00            - expenses September       89.91           - stationery        62.46 MD Landscapes – grass cutting; Inv. 1026                       1,099.80 U. Sydee - net salary September                605.02
The following payments had been made during the period 14th November to 13th December 2017:             £ U. Sydee - net salary October                605.02 MD Landscapes – grass cutting     825.36 R.W. Marsh & Son – car park repair             2,508.00 Barclays Bank – charge for stopped cheque      12.50 Dorringtons – Christmas Lights Celebration            68.94 Standon Post Office – post office charges            3,468.70
     b)  Income      24.10.2017 Transfer from gratuity acc.            3,141.48            c)  Balances on 13 December 2017      Community Acc               £42,375.24      Reserve Acc. (Business Premium Acc.)   £13,718.09
     d) Precept 2018/2019           To agree the precept for 2018/19.
a) Application decisions (the Council’s comments are shown in brackets)
Application No. Site and Development               Decision UTT/17/2583/HHF Aymesbury, Wrights Green Lane, Little   Approved   Hallingbury, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire,   CM22 7RL

Erection of two storey side and rear extensions (no obj.)
Application No. Site and Development    Decision UTT/17/2904/FUL Bank View Lower Road, Little Hallingbury,               Awaiting CM22 7QZ                decision
Conversion of existing detached garage to    form separate dwelling and creation of a new  vehicular access with hardstanding for a car.
(While there is no extension to the footprint of the building, Little Hallingbury Parish Council is not happy with a separate dwelling being created on Metropolitan Green Belt land.)
Application No. Site and Development    Decision UTT/17/3343/FUL Garwood, Wrights, Green Lane, Little              Awaiting Hallingbury, CM22 7RL    decision
Demolition of bungalow, car-port/garage and  (no obj.) outbuildings. Erection of replacement dwelling  and garage.
Application No. Site and Development    Decision UTT/17/3334/FUL Land Adj M11 Motorway, Goose Lane,   Awaiting Little Hallingbury     decision
Change of use of arable land to equestrian use  and erection of stables
(The structure proposed is unacceptable on the Green Belt land. The Council is also concerned about the agricultural land changing to equestrian and the number of stables put up in the village as there are already two equestrian centres in the village and only one bridleway.)
       b)  Applications dealt with by the working group: Application No.    Site and Development None.
       c)  Applications to be dealt with at this meeting: Application No. Site and Development UTT/17/3466/HHF Wallbury Lodge, Dell Lane, Little Hallingbury, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM22 7SQ
Demolition of existing attached garage and office accommodation. Erection of single storey and two storey side and front extensions. Provision of new private drive and associated landscaping works.
Application No. Site and Development UTT/17/3575/HHF Denby Cottage, Wrights Green Lane, Little Hallingbury, CM22 7RL

Proposed two storey side extension and dormer window to rear.
Application No. Site and Development UTT/17/3488/HHF Little Bakers, Wrights Green, Little Hallingbury, CM22 7RH UTT/17/3489/LB  Conversion and extension of the garage to form a residential annexe for a dependent 
      d) Late Planning Applications                To deal with Planning Applications received following the publication of                         this agenda and received before 9 January 2018.
        e) Appeal Decision   To note appeal decision Latchings, Latchmore Bank, Little Hallingbury, CM22 7PH; ref. No.: APP/C1570/C/17/31742.
       f) Bishop’s Stortford South Development   To consider comments on the development of 750 houses at Bishop’s Stortford South. 
14. CONSULTATION  To consider the response on the Hertfordshire County Council’s draft minerals plan; deadline 9 February 2018. Email circulated 4 December 2017.
15. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS FOR INFORMATION AND NOTING  An email from Citizens’ Advice Bureau, giving details of their activities over the last year, impact report and a “Keeping Warm in Uttlesford” PDF brochure had been received. Hard copies of the brochure are available should Council want to distribute them within the Parish. One of the warm home advisers is willing to come to a local coffee morning or other event to help people with individual utility problems or warm home issues if the details are sent to them.   In the light of recent Government consultation on the future of the post office network the Citizens’ Advice Bureau is carrying out new research into community-run organisations and Post Offices. An invitation to take part in the survey has been received. They are looking for views and experiences and would greatly value the insight that will help them to understand the realities of running local community organisations, including those which do and do not offer postal services.  
An invitation from the Superfast Essex broadband programme to attend an information event to hear an update on the progress of the Essex broadband rollout has been received. This is a follows on from the Countywide Parish Engagement Event held in July this year, and will provide an overview of all phases of the Superfast Essex broadband programme. It will also include a chaired one-hour Q&A session. The event will be held in the MAB221 lecture theatre at the Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford on Monday 22 January 2018 starting at 7.30 pm. Registration is required for those who wish to attend.
The Planning Policy Team of Epping Forest District Council informed us that the Local Plan Submission Version 2017 will be published for representations. More

details can be found at: Representations can be made electronically via their online questionnaire at: or alternatively via email at or by post address the using PDF form available from the website. The publication period starts on 18 December 2017 at midday and finishes on 29 January 2018 at 5 p.m.
Information regarding the Adoption of the Essex and Southend-on-Sea Waste Local Plan was received from the Service Development Officer, Planning Service, Essex County Council and circulated 22 December 2017.
An invitation to attend an evening’s session on Rest Centre management was received from the Emergency Planning & Fire Safety Officer, Corporate Safety Team, Uttlesford District Council. Date to be confirmed, planned to be early in 2018. A list of attendees would be required, the deadline for this is 12 January 2018.   
SSE Campaign update December 2017 was received. Circulated 22 December 2017.
An email from East London Textiles Ltd, working with the Essex Air Ambulance service was received asking if the Council would like to consider placing a clothing donation bank in a carpark or other suitable place. This would enable members of the public to donate their unwanted clothing and shoes to raise money for the Essex Air Ambulance service. East London Textiles Ltd have a mission to try and help the planet by collecting as much clothing and shoes as possible and processing these for reuse or recycling, while at the time raising much needed funds for charity. Further information about the Essex Air Ambulance service can be found at and for East London Textiles Ltd at
An invitation for UK Power Networks - Norwich Roadshow which will be held on 5 February 2018 at 9.30 am had been received. Confirmation required for those who wish to attend.
A letter of thanks for the donation from the Parish Council has been received from Revitalise