14th February 2018 
Dear Councillor, 
A meeting of the Parish Council will be held at 7.00p.m. on Tuesday 20th February 2018, in the Village Hall to consider the items set out in the Agenda below, and you are hereby summoned to attend. 
Yours sincerely, 
Clerk of the Council 
18/16. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE  To receive apologies for absence. 
18/17. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST  To receive Declarations of Interest by Members 
18/18. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (limited to 15 minutes)  To receive representations from members of the public on matters within the  remit of the Parish Council. 
18/19. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING [][] To approve as a correct record and authorize the Chairman to sign the  minutes of the meeting held on 9th January 2018, copy attached. 
18/20. MATTERS ARISING FROM PREVIOUS MEETING  To attend to any matters arising not dealt with elsewhere on this agenda. 
18/21. CHAIRMAN’S COMMUNICATIONS  To receive the Chairman’s appointments and communications 
18/22. REPORTS FROM DISTRICT AND COUNTY COUNCILLORS  To receive representations and reports from District and County Councillors. 
18/23.  MEMBERS’ REPORTS  To receive Members’ reports and representations. 
18/24. HIGHWAYS MATTERS  To receive update on reported matters. 
18/25. AFFORDABLE HOUSING   To receive an update.   18/26. REVIEW OF POLLING DISTRICTS AND PLACES IN THE UTTLESFORD  DISTRICT 2018  To consider response to the consultation on the interim review of polling  districts and places in the Uttlesford District. Closing date for representations  Monday 19 March 2018.  Parish Councils are asked to comment even if they  agree with the present polling arrangements. Circulated by email 25/01/2018. 
18/27. CODE OF CONDUCT [][] To adopt new Uttlesford District Council Code of Conduct. Copy of new model  Code attached. 
18/28. ASSETS OF COMMUNITY VALUE  To receive the UDC decision of re-nominated assets of community value: Car  Park. Lower Road; Gaston Green Chapel and Little Hallingbury Mill, Mill  Lane. 
18/29. FINANCE   
a) Payments The following payments had been made during the period 14th December 2017 to 12 January 2018:             £ Hertfordshire County Council – stationery      82.45 Village Views – donation      100.00 Revitalise – donation         30.00 St. Clare’s Hospice – donation       30.00 P. Beaumont – Christmas Tree Lights Celebration expenses   86.10 Handyman - net salary October – December 2017    320.00         - expenses        22.99 Essex Air Ambulance – donation     100.00 HMRC – Tax December 2017 (GB)       80.00 Uttlesford Community Travel – donation      30.00 Little Hallingbury Free Church – grant    150.00 
     b)  Income      None.            c)  Balances on 12 January 2018      Community Acc               £41,343.70      Reserve Acc. (Business Premium Acc.)   £13,718.09 
18/30. PLANNING   
a) Application decisions (the Council’s comments are shown in brackets) 
Application No. Site and Development    Decision UTT/17/2904/FUL Bank View Lower Road, Little Hallingbury,  Awaiting  CM22 7QZ      decision 
Conversion of existing detached garage to    form separate dwelling and creation of a new  vehicular access with hardstanding for a car. 
(While there is no extension to the footprint of the building, Little Hallingbury Parish Council is not happy with a separate dwelling being created on Metropolitan Green Belt land.) 
Application No. Site and Development    Decision UTT/17/3343/FUL Garwood, Wrights, Green Lane, Little   Refused Hallingbury, CM22 7RL 
Demolition of bungalow, car-port/garage and  (no obj.) outbuildings. Erection of replacement dwelling  and garage. 
Application No. Site and Development    Decision UTT/17/3334/FUL Land Adj M11 Motorway, Goose Lane,   Awaiting Little Hallingbury     decision 
Change of use of arable land to equestrian use  and erection of stables 
(The structure proposed is unacceptable on the Green Belt land. The Council is also concerned about the agricultural land changing to equestrian and the number of stables put up in the village as there are already two equestrian centres in the village and only one bridleway.) 
Application No. Site and Development    Decision UTT/17/3466/HHF Wallbury Lodge, Dell Lane, Little Hallingbury,  Awaiting  Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM22 7SQ  decision 
Demolition of existing attached garage and office accommodation. Erection of single storey and two  storey side and front extensions. Provision of new  private drive and associated landscaping works. 
 (No objections but it should be carefully considered because the whole site is  in area within scheduled ancient monument of Wallbury Camp.) 
Application No. Site and Development    Decision UTT/17/3575/HHF Denby Cottage, Wrights Green Lane, Little   Approved  Hallingbury, CM22 7RL 
 Proposed two storey side extension and dormer (no obj.)   window to rear. 
Application No. Site and Development    Decision UTT/17/3488/HHF Little Bakers, Wrights Green, Little Hallingbury,  Awaiting UTT/17/3489/LB  CM22 7RH      decision    Conversion and extension of the garage to form     a residential annexe for a dependent relative 
(No objections providing it remains an annexe of the house and not a  separate dwelling.) 
       b)  Applications dealt with by the working group: Application No. Site and Development None. 
       c)  Applications to be dealt with at this meeting: Application No. Site and Development UTT/17/3653/FUL Land Adj Green Corners New Barn Lane Little Hallingbury  
Erection of 1 no. 4 bedroom dwelling  
Application No. Site and Development UTT/18/0026/FUL 19 Pynchon Paddocks Little Hallingbury Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire CM22 7RJ  
Change of use of residential annexe to separate dwelling  
Application No. Site and Development UTT/18/0249/HHF Gaston Cottage Gaston Green Sawbridgeworth Road Little Hallingbury Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire CM22 7QS  
UTT/18/0181/LB Erection of single storey residential annexe and      associated landscaping. Demolition of existing garage  
Application No. Site and Development UTT/17/3561/FUL Hallingbury Equestrian Centre, Hall Green, Stortford     Road, Little Hallingbury, Bishops Stortford,       Hertfordshire, CM22 7RP 
   Construction of new stand-alone barn / store as a      shelter for the Equine Centre's horse transporter 
      d) Late Planning Applications                To deal with Planning Applications received following the publication of                         this agenda and received before 20 February 2018. 
       e) Postal Address  The official postal address for the development Latchings, Latchmore Bank, Little Hallingbury, Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire CM22 7PH, currently under construction was received from Uttlesford District Council.    
18/31. CONSULTATION  a) Hertfordshire County Council Waste Local Plan  To consider the response on the Hertfordshire County Council’s waste local plan initial consultation; deadline 5pm on 30 March 2018. Email circulated 5 January 2018.  b) East Herts District Plan Main Modifications   To consider the response on the East Herts District Plan Main Modifications consultation; deadline 5pm on 29 March 2018.  c) A127 / A130 Fairglen Interchange Improvement Scheme.   To consider the response on the A127 / A130 Fairglen Interchange Improvement Scheme; deadline 20 March 2018. Circulated by email 13/02/2018. 
18/32 SWIMMING POOL  To discuss and approve any actions regarding future of Little Hallingbury Primary School swimming pool.  
18/33 TREES  To discuss and approve any actions in the light of fallen trees from Highways land after recent storm. 
18/34. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS FOR INFORMATION AND NOTING  Letters of thanks for grants were received from Little Hallingbury Free Church and Little Hallingbury Parochial Church Council; and for donations from Village Views Magazine, Uttlesford Community Travel, Stop Stansted Expansion, NWEEHPA, Home Start Essex, St John Ambulance and Age UK. 
 An invitation to the Transport Meeting from Essex County Council with the dates and venues was received. Circulated by email 23/01/2018.