Minutes of Meeting, Tuesday 2nd October 2018


The Parish Council met on Tuesday, 2nd October 2018 at 7.30 pm in the Evangelical Church Hall.




CHAIRMAN: Councillor Mr R Siddall

VICE CHAIRMAN: Councillor Mr P Cornell


Councillors: P Wakelin, V Hare, J. Vango Searle                                      Also in attendance 8 parishioners


293. Apologies for Absence

No apologies were received.


294. To invite Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda

Councillor Hare declared an interest in item 4.d on the agenda: Goods vehicle application, yard at Post Office Lane.


295. Minutes 4/9/2018

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council held on the 4th September 2018 be approved and confirmed.


296. a) Planning decisions received from Maldon District Council

         HOUSE/MAL/18/00799 Amended front porch, garage conversion and new single storey outbuilding. Pine Lodge,

         School Road.

         The Council approved this application.


        b) Latest planning applications

         18/01105/AGR Prior notification for the erection of a storage shed . Old Farm, Park Wood Lane.

         The Parish Council had not objections to this application.


         18/01093/LDP Claim for lawful development certificate for proposed single storey outbuilding to provide

         gym and garden storage incidental to the use of the main dwelling. Eagle Lodge, Plains Road

         The Parish Council approved this application with the following comments: C3 – materials to match existing.

         C12 and D10 – details of doors and windows. N20 – noise insulation.


          c) Planning appeal

         18/00378/HOUSE Single storey and balcony rear extension. 4 The Green

         The Parish Council had already commented on this planning application and had nothing further to add.


         d) Goods vehicles operator’s licences

         Tarry Wood, Park Wood Lane, applying to use the premises as an operating centre foe 2 goods vehicles and 0

         trailers. The Parish Council did not object to this application.

         DDGC Ltd. Cherith, The Street applying to keep an extra 4 goods vehicles and 2 trailers at the operating centre,  

         Smith’s Yard, Post Office Lane. The Parish Council did not object to this application.

         Animal shelters, Park Wood Lane. Shelters have been erected in a field along Park Wood Lane. They are similar

         in size and appearance to those in Sheepcoates.

         RESOLVED Councillors to view them this month and report back next.


297.   Update on traffic movement

Councillor Vango Searle has organised the training for speed monitoring for the 10th November in the Evangelical Hall,

and will borrow the camera from Great Totham Parish Council.

The Rangers are now doing speed checks in the village, 2 hours per month.


On the 19th September there was an incident in the village when 2 lorries could not pass and the drivers had words. This was captured on camera by a resident. Another time an HGV driver was seen using a mobile phone. This was captured on camera by Keith Gazzard.

District Councillor, Mark Durham, had emailed requesting photos and details of potholes, as money has been put aside to carry out the work on the worst.

RESOLVED All the companies whose drivers were involved in the 2 incidents have now been contacted.

The Parish Council to forward to the Clerk photos of potholes to forward to MDC.


298. Update on the pond

Councillor Cornell has spoken to D & L Landscapes to quote for clearing the vegetation this year and digging the pond out next year; they are meeting 4th October.

Councillor attended a Local Services Fund Briefing today at EALC. The funding is available up to the 26th October. Up to £10,000 is available in one lump sum or £15,000 over 3 years. The Parish Council would need to report on how the project is going. It would be necessary to employ somebody to maintain the area in future, and the Parish Council would need to prove they can afford this.

RESOLVED Councillor Cornell to get 2 further quotes for the work and apply for the funding.   Also explore the possibility of employing a gardener or odd job man to do our work, maybe on a shared basis with adjoining villages.


299. Update on playground inspection

Councillor Cornell contacted MDC about doing the inspections of the 2 sites. MDC carry these out during March and April each year. MDC have quoted £50.00 per site.

RESOLVED Councillor Cornell to contact MDC and explain that, although the last inspection was October 2017, the repairs were not carried out until July 2018, so next spring would be acceptable for the next inspection.


300. Signs for Post Office Lane

These are not the responsibility of MDC.

RESOLVED Councillor Hare to organise getting signs made.


301. Update on sign for Sawyers Field entrance.

Quote not received.

RESOLVED Councillor Cornell to chase.


302. Update on dangerous footpath

Although the grass has been cut, the boarding has not been installed where the path is sliding into the ditch.

RESOLVED The Clerk to contact Essex Highways again.


303. Parish Review Consultation period.

The consultation period has now ended and been approved. In May 2019 the Parish Council will recruit 2 new Councillors.


303. Trustee Vacancies

MDC are looking for more trustees.

RESOLVED A notice has been placed on the notice board and website.


304. Weekly lists and planning decisions.

The Clerk asked if these should be forwarded to all Councillors, even if they did not include Little Totham.

RESOLVED It was agreed these should still be sent, as may apply to neighbouring parishes which could impact Little Totham.


305. Permanent “Tommy” war memorial

£110.00 has been collected in the village so far. Crowd funding was set up on the 27th September. Councillor Siddall reminded all present that messages can be written on the wooden Tommy, or poppies placed there, as in other villages.

The Swan is having a fund raising afternoon, with a local band, to collect more money. The bank details of the Parish Council have also been put on the website so people can donate directly. Flyers will also be given out at The Swan and in the Church.

RESOLVED Ongoing collection of funds to reach the £625 plus VAT needed to buy a permanent Tommy.


306. Overgrown hedge in Church Road

This is now making it difficult to see around the bend and the vegetation is scratching vehicles.

RESOLVED The Clerk to write to the owner and ask them to cut back the hedge.


307. Air Ambulance donation

The Air Ambulance charity had written asking the Parish Council to support their work. This was discussed.

RESOLVED As the Parish Council are currently raising funds for the Tommy Memorial it was decided to not support them at this time.


308. Fallen trees, insurance

RESOLVED Chairman Siddall to get quotes to get trees removed.


309. GDPR back up of computer and newsletter contact

There are no rules as to the back up of computers. Chairman Siddall suggested that the contact information in the newsletter should be changed so that all queries are directed to the Clerk.

RESOLVED The Clerk to organise backing up the computer to The Cloud. Chairman Siddall to get the contact details changed on the newsletter.


310. Invoices presented for payment


Little Totham Evangelical Church £15.00   hire of hall (paid by standing order)


HMRC                                           £46.20 PAYE 2nd quarter


292. Correspondence

MDC newsletters, including fines for littering.

North Heybridge garden suburb, an amended application has been received by MDC.

District Councillor emailed the Clerk and advised he will try and attend the November Parish Council meeting.

RESOLVED All items put in the correspondence folder for circulation to all Councillors.




There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.40 p.m.




Signed by The Chairman ……………………………………….





Benches and a cycle track in Sawyers field

Withdrawal of funding for broadband by MDC

The Green – to be registered as a Parish Green