Minutes of Meeting, Tuesday 5th March 2019


The Parish Council met on Tuesday, 5th March 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Evangelical Church Hall.




CHAIRMAN: Councillor Mr R Siddall


Councillors: P Wakelin, V Hare, J Vango Searle                                       Also in attendance 14 parishioners


384. Apologies for Absence apologies were received from Vice-Chairman Cornell


385. To invite Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda No interests were declared.


386. Minutes 5/2/2019

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council held on the 5th February 2019 be approved and confirmed.


387. a) Planning decisions received from Maldon District Council

         FUL/MAL/18/01215 Demolition of former greenhouses and construction of smokehouse for the preparation

         curing and smoking of fish. Land at Chigborough Farm, Chigborough Road. The Council approved this



         FUL/MAL/18/014 Change of use of paddock to allow for keeping and exercise of horses, together with the

         erection of stables. Moors Farm, Moors Farm Chase. The Council approved this application.


         LDP/MAL/18/01438 Single storey outbuilding to provide a gym and garden storage incidental and ancillary to

         the use of main dwelling Eagle Lodge, Plains Road. The Council approved this application.



        b) Latest planning applications

        19/00079/HOUSE Single storey rear extension and extension to the roof. 2 Ramblers, Wash Lane

         The Parish Council supported this application but commented that the materials use must match the existing



         19/00100/FUL amendment   Three bed bungalow, land between 4 Oaktrees and Lee Cottages, The Street

         The Parish Council again recommended the refusal of planning permission as the site is too cramped, congested,

         inappropriate design. Unsustainable – ref BE1 and DE1. Unneighbourly ref DE. Close proximity to

      neighbouring properties, loss of privacy


         19/00206/FUL Use of land for provision of a mobile home for gypsy/traveller accommodation. Land south side,

         Park Wood Lane. The Parish Council objects to this application for the following reasons: Impact of LDP rural    

         location, outside boundary S1, S2, H1. Design and impact BE1. Sustainable transport T1. Settlement boundaries

         S8. Design quality and impact on environment D1. Unsustainable development CC6, landscape protection.

         Impact of site and surroundings.


         19/00221/FUL Section 73A application for the retention of stables and use of land for keeping of horses with

         related hardstanding. Land opposite Godfreys Cottages, Sheepcoates Lane

         The Parish Council objected to this application for the following reasons: Outside defined area. Permanent

         structures in breach of conditions BE1. CON5 contamination of water course from horse waste. Impact of site

         surroundings BE1


         c) Planning appeals

        No planning appeals were received.


388. Update on traffic movement

Councillor Vango Searle had contacted all those trained in the use of the speed gun and is sorting which days they are available and is setting up a schedule.3 hi-viz jackets have now been purchased. Councillor Mar Durham from MDC gave Chairman Siddall the name of the contact for a flashing speed sign. Chairman Siddall also contacted Cllr. Durham regarding the re-routing of the lorries to and from Beckingham Business Park and was advised to apply to Essex Highways. During March 2019 there were 4 captures by Trucam

RESOLVED Councillor Vango Searle to schedule speed gun patrols. Chairman Siddall to contact Essex Highways. Cost of flashing speed sign to be investigated before the next meeting.



389. Update on EALC application

Chairman Siddall and Vice Chairman Cornell have completed the application which will be sent in tomorrow (6th March 2019). The Lord of the Manor has pledged support.

RESOLVED The result of the application will be known by June this year.


390. Register of The Green and Sawyers field

RESOLVED This has been postponed until after the election.


391. Sawyers Road surface

RESOLVED Cllr. Durham is arranging for an engineer to view Sawyers Road.


392. Landscape fund money

RESOLVED This money can be used for the development of the green.


393. New Councillors and election.

All the parishioners who have expressed an interest in becoming Parish Councillors attended the meeting and Chairman Siddall described the process. From May 2019 the number of Parish Councillors will be increased to 7. Nomination forms were handed out, to be signed after March 26th, together with notes on how to complete the forms.

RESOLVED Nomination forms to be completed and handed in at MDC on the appropriate date.


394. Update on sign for Sawyers Field entrance.

RESOLVED The sign has now been received and will be fixed to the gate this month.


395. Permanent “Tommy” war memorial

Chairman Siddall has now received the “Tommies”. He has completed the planning application form. The Clerk has had a reply from the Lord Lieutenant of Essex’s office confirming that the Lord Lieutenant and her husband will attend the unveiling of the Tommies in June 2019.

RESOLVED Chairman Siddall to send in the planning application. Chairman Siddall to reply to the Lord Lieutenant’s office giving details of the event.


396. Litter picking

The litter picking has been agreed to be at 10.30 am on the 13th April.

RESOLVED Councillor Hare to go through all the paperwork received from the Great British Clean Up and organise what is required.


397. Classic Vehicle Event 15th May 2019

David Oram, who organises this event, with this wife Hilary, requested that the grass is cut and raked in the week before the event. This was discussed. He also asked that the key to Sawyers field could be given to him 2 days before the event so that barriers can be put up to make a parking area for visitors to the event. This event is getting bigger each year and attracts a lot of classic cars and enthusiasts to the village.

RESOLVED The Clerk to contact Skippers regarding the cutting of the grass and see how much extra the raking up would cost. Chairman Siddall to liaise with Mr Oram regarding Sawyers field.

398. Invoices presented for payment


Little Totham Evangelical Church    £15.00       hire of hall (paid by standing order)

IncedIT                                            £30.00     sorting internet and email problems

Remembered Trading                        £1856.30   4 x Tommy memorials (charity money)                         


399. Correspondence

MDC requested how often the Parish Council required Trucam monitoring during the next 6 months. This was discussed.

RESOLVED The Clerk to complete the form requesting 1 hour per month, during the rush hour.

A parishioner had emailed that the bridge onto the common from Post Office Lane is in need of repair.

RESOLVED Councillor Hare to ask Peter Hare to investigate.

All Saints Church requested the use of the common on July 13th for the fete and July 14th for a concert.

RESOLVED It was agreed the common could be used.

Field View Close – a parishioner had contacted Chairman Siddall regarding potholes.

RESOLVED Essex Highways to be informed.

Rural exception site – affordable housing for local people. This was of interests to some parishioners.

Hares – RHDV2 virus has been confirmed in hares in Essex. Requested that if anyone sees a hare dead of dying to report it to the RSPCA.

The results of the MDC Chairman’s business awards

Health works – poster to be put on the noticeboard

Crouch festival of food and drink

Moat foundation community facility at Fullbridge – to provide training for local people.


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.45 p.m.




Signed by The Chairman ……………………………………….




Tarry Wood caravan. The Parish Councillors to look at the site and report next month,