The Parish Council met on Tuesday, 7th August 2018 at 7.30 pm in the Evangelical Church Hall.




CHAIRMAN: Councillor Mr R Siddall


Councillors: P Wakelin, V Hare, J. Vango Searle                       Also in attendance 5 parishioners


256. Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Councillor Cornell.


257. To invite Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda

No interests were declared


258. Minutes 3/7/2018

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council held on the 3rd July 2018 be approved and confirmed.


259. a) Planning decisions received from Maldon District Council

         HOUSE/MAL/18/005912. 2 Ramblers, Wash Lane  

         The Council refused this application.

        b) Latest planning applications

         18/00810/HOUSE Single storey extension to rear. 4 the Green

         This was approved by the Parish Council on condition that the materials used match the existing house. Condition


         18/00799/HOUSE. Amended front porch, garage conversion and new single storey outbuilding. Pine Lodge,

         School Road.

         This was approved by the Parish Council with the following concerns:

         NE22 amplified sound; BE8 external lighting on outbuilding; C2 details of external facing; V4 details of external


          c) Planning appeals

         No planning appeals were received.

         d) Plans withdrawn

         Demolition of former greenhouses and construction of smokehouse for the preparation and smoking of fish. Land

         at Chigborough Farm, Chigborough Road.

         The applicant has withdrawn the application.



260.   Update on traffic movement

Chairman Siddall has now handed over the file to Councillor Vango Searle. The training in the village should be done soon. Adrian Rayner, who is currently on holiday has set out a service level agreement which will be signed next Tuesday, 13th August. Councillor Vango Searle is to contact police officers to arrange for more speed checks in the village.

Chairman Siddall met Priti Patel, MP, last Friday, it was a good discussion and she was very supportive. She then sent a letter to Chairman Siddall and has arranged a survey (also linked on Facebook and the website) to be sent to all parishioners in Little Totham to get their views on the traffic. The junction at the top of Loamy Hill Road and Braxted Road has been referred to the Highways Dept. at ECC to see if there is a possibility of getting mini roundabouts here. The state of the Braxted Road to be looked at and the information passed to Kevin Bentley, Head of Highways.

RESOLVED Chairman Siddall to contact Beckingham Business Park, the Commodity Centre, Tolleshunt Major and Tiptree Parish Councils for a discussion with Priti Patel and Mark Durham to see if a one-way system of lorries in and out of Little Totham can be developed. This may get funding.


261. Update on the pond

Councillor Cornell now has responsibility for this area.

RESOLVED As Councillor Cornell unable to attend this meeting, it will be put on the agenda for next month.


262. Update on playground inspection

Councillor Cornell now has responsibility for this area.

RESOLVED As Councillor Cornell unable to attend this meeting, it will be put on the agenda for next month.


263. Update on new computer

The Clerk now has had the anti-virus and encryption put on the computer and the files from when she took over as the Clerk transferred from her personal computer.

RESOLVED The Clerk to split the files into separate folders for ease of accessibility and to set up the information required by the GDPR.


264. Sign for Sawyers field entrance, parking

The Clerk contacted MDC and spoke to Pat, one of the Rangers. MDC have no objection to the Parish Council putting a “Keep entrance clear” sign on the gate.

RESOLVED Councillor Cornell to look into what sign would be appropriate.


265. Waste paper bin, Sawyers field

The Clerk had contacted MDC to empty this bin.

RESOLVED The bin has now been emptied.


266. Election course discussion.

This was discussed amongst the Councillors

RESOLVED Not necessary to attend course due to knowledge already held by the Councillors.


267. Banking mandate

The Clerk had printed off the forms to take former Councillor Bennett off the mandate and Councillor Cornell on.

RESOLVED Clerk to deliver forms to Councillor Cornell.


268. Bridge onto field

The bridge onto the common was in a poor condition. Peter Hare has now repaired the bridge but pointed out that in the future the bearers will need replacing and also the bearers on the other bridge.

RESOLVED The Parish Council thanked Peter Hare for his work and asked to be kept informed as to the state of the bearers.


269. Signs for Post Office Lane

The sign at the end of Post Office Lane, outside Lavender Cottage is missing.

RESOLVED Chairman Siddall has contacted MDC and is waiting for a reply.


270. Fete Review

Councillor Wakelin went to the fete and said it was very good, although the dog show was cancelled due to the heat.

A re-enactment group, called “Sealed Knot” marched down the road and then did a display on the common, including the firing of guns. Chairman Siddall had to marshall the group down the road, as nobody had been appointed for this task. The fete committee had also not gained formal permission from the Parish Council to use Council land for the firing of guns and therefore there would be a question over whether anyone’s insurance would be valid

RESOLVED Permission and agreement must be gained by the fete committee before guns are allowed to be fired and the logistics co-ordinated with the Parish Council.



271. Common meeting with Lord of the Manor

Chairman Siddall had met with Mr Mabbitt, son of the former Lord of the Manor, who has now taken over this role from his father. Mr Mabbitt was happy with the responsibility that the Parish Councillor were taking in regard with

the Common. Mr Mabbitt reads the Minutes of the Parish Council meetings and so keeps up with developments. The Parish Council need to employ someone to maintain the common and other areas in order the get funding. Mr Mabbitt thought he may also be able to supply some funding. He also is willing to come to the Annual Parish Review and talk about being Lord of the Manor.

RESOLVED Chairman Siddall to start the process of getting funding for The Common.


272. Parish review consultation period

The review period started in July and will go on until August 24th. To enable parishioners to be aware of this it is listed on the website, facebook and the local newsletter. 10 people have so far written to MDC supporting this, but more are needed.

RESOLVED To ensure parishioners are aware of the need to write to MDC in support.


273. Invoices for payment


Little Totham Evangelical Church £15.00   hire of hall (paid by standing order)


Maldon District Council                 £120.00 GDPR advice


IncedIT                                             £324.29 purchase and installation of encryption and anti-virus software

                                                                         on Parish Council computer. Transfer of files from private computer


R. Collins                                         £50.00   petty cash, for stationery


Skippers                                           £306.00 grass cutting May - July


274. Correspondence

Various newsletters were received from MDC.

EALC sent details of a briefing on the Local Service Fund.

Steel solitary soldiers are to be placed on Maldon Hythe, Promenade Park and Riverside in Burnham to commemorate

the sacrifices in the first world war.

A letter of complaint had been sent to the MDC Monitoring Officer regarding the lack of support from District Councillors.

RESOLVED All items put in the correspondence folder for circulation to all Councillors.

Chairman Siddall or Vice-Chairman Cornell to attend the briefing.



There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.28 p.m.




Signed by The Chairman ……………………………………….





GDPR Update

Missing road signs

Councillor complaint