Minutes of Meeting, Tuesday 8th January 2019


The Parish Council met on Tuesday, 11th December 2018 at 7.30 pm in the Evangelical Church Hall.




CHAIRMAN: Councillor Mr R Siddall



Councillors: P Wakelin, V Hare                                                                       Also in attendance 7 parishioners


350. Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Councillor Vango Searle and accepted. Councillor Cornell did not attend


351. To invite Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda

No interests were declared.


352. Minutes 8/12/2018

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council held on the 8th December 2018 be approved and confirmed.


353. a) Planning decisions received from Maldon District Council

         No decisions were received.


        b) Latest planning applications

         18/01438/LDP Eagle Lodge, Plains Road.

         Single storey outbuilding to provide a gym and garden storage incidental and ancillary to the use of the main


         The Parish Council approved the above application.


         18/01463/FUL Moors Farm, Moors Farm Chase

         Change of use of paddock to allow for keeping and exercise of horses, together with the erection of stables.

         The Parish Council had no objections to the application but commented that the drainage of the site should be

         investigated to avoid contamination of Penny Brook.


       18/01475/FUL Clarks Farm, Wash Lane

         Change of use from Sui Generis to a two bedroom residential dwelling (Class C3)

       The Parish Council supported the original application and had no further comments.


         c) Planning appeals

        No planning appeals were received.


354. Annual closure of The Common update

Having investigated the area it was found that only half of the car park area is common land. Chairman Siddall proposed the closure of the common is postponed, which Councillor Hare seconded. No one has a right to park in the area and should have permission from the landowner.

RESOLVED To be investigated further.


355.   Date of the Annual Parish meeting to be set.

The date has to be between 1st March and 1st June each year.

RESOLVED The date decided was Friday, 10th May at 7pm in the Evangelical Church Hall. The date for the Annual Parish Council meeting was also agreed to be on the 7th May, immediately before the normal monthly meeting.

356.   Update on traffic movement

Chairman Siddall is following up the Norfolk council who have successfully had a speed limit of 20mph for HGVs put in their village. He also emailed Councillor Mark Durham again regarding the flashing speed sign for the village.

In December, during a 1 hour speed check, 5 offenders were captured on Trucam.

RESOLVED Councillor Vango Searle to report on the speedwatch surveys. Councillor Vango Searle to book himself on a training course. Councillor Vango-Searle and Councillor Cornell to investigate the price and purchase of Hi-Viz jackets.


357. Update on pond and tree cutting and Common maintenance and EALC application. Dumping on the Common.

Chairman Siddall surveyed all the common areas with Just Trees and planned 3 phases of work to be done and Just Trees quoted for the work. The spring that supplied the pond seems to have dried up. Vegetation is once again being dumped on the common. There is a lot of rubbish collecting in the village and last year there was a National Litter Picking day.

RESOLVED Chairman Siddall and Councillor Cornell to complete the forms for the EALC funding. Councillor Cornell to contact people local to the common regarding the dumping. The Clerk to find out when the Litter Picking day is this year.


358. Register of Green and Sawyers Field

RESOLVED To be done over the next couple of months.


359. Sawyers Road surface

This is very patchy .Chairman Siddall contacted Councillor Mark Durham but has had no reply.

RESOLVED To wait for an answer.


360. Landscape fund money

RESOLVED Councillor Cornell to report next meeting.


361. Update on signs for Post Office Lane

RESOLVED Councillor Hare is getting signs made.


362. Update on sign for Sawyers Field entrance.

RESOLVED Councillor Cornell still sorting out.


363. Permanent “Tommy” war memorial

Chairman Siddall spoke to the original designer of the wooden Tommy, and there is no copyright and they are quite happy for the Parish Council to use it as a template for a steel one. The “There but not there” project can provide steel Tommy’s for £360.00.  The amount raised so far is £1914.21.

RESOLVED Chairman Siddall to contact MDC to see if the fee for planning permission could be waived as it is for charity.


364. Recruitment of new Councillors discussion.

2 new positions have been created, and with one of the existing Councillors retiring in April, 3 new Parish Councillors will be required. They must be over 18 years old and an elector in the area, owned land in the area for 12 months or live within 3 miles of the Parish.

RESOLVED The Councillors and parishioners who attended the meeting were asked if they knew of anybody who would like to become a Parish Councillor. The positions to be advertised on the notice board and website.


365. Clerk’s report

The Clerk prepared and sent to HMRC a claim for a VAT refund in November. The payment has now been made into the Parish Council bank account. The precept form was sent to MDC and a confirmation of receipt email received.

RESOLVED Further VAT claims to be made once a year. MDC to advise if the precept amount is accepted.




366. Invoices presented for payment


Little Totham Evangelical Church    £15.00       hire of hall (paid by standing order)

Autela Group                                      £30.00     preparation of 3rd quarter wages


366. Correspondence

Essex Village of the Year guidelines.

Essex Highways Highlights

Local government finance settlement.

Saltmarsh75 event 19th October 2019 for runners of walkers.

RESOLVED All items put in the correspondence folder for circulation to all Councillors.


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.30 p.m.




Signed by The Chairman ……………………………………….



Litter picking