The parish council is setting up a separate working group to address the traffic and speeding problems in the village.
Community Speed Watch Training
On 10th November at 10.00am, training will be conducted for the Community Speed watch training.if you would like to participate in the training so that you are able to operate the speed camera, please come along on the Saturday morning.
The training will last 1.5 hours.
Please contact Councillor James Vango-Searle for more details;
Current Stage
A meeting was held in the village with MP Priti Patel and Mark Durham. As a result of this our MP is sending a survey to all addresses in the village. If you would like to inlfuence and communicate road and traffic problems in the village, please ensure that you complete this survey. An electronic version of it can be found at:

The letter being sent to every household can be found on this link:

MP Priti Patel Letter

The survey can be found here:

MP Priti Patel Survey


Stage Three
We are now reporting and giving further evidence to our representatives. Lobbying them for a site visit. Implementation of speed checks.
we will be using the ECC Highways portal to raise speed and traffic calming measures for the village. 
After the Chairman of the Parish Council met with our MP Priti Patel, the following letter was sent, descibing the steps we have taken and the help we now require from her
We are currently in the process of forming a community speed watch. if you are interested in getting involved please email the Clerk or the Chairman.
If you are interested in getting involved in the working group and traffic survey, please contact the Chairman Richard Siddall on 890809 or via email
Stage Two

We have conducted the physical counts over a 2 weeks.

The results of the traffic count can be found here:

 Traffic Data

We have contacted  Clarks and the other businesses to discuss our concerns. We will lobby the businesses to ensure that their vehicles travel at a voluntary speed of 20mph.


The first of hopefully many Essex Police Safety Camera checks took place in October. We will be paying for the Maldon District rangers to also conduct speed checks. 

Stage one
The following document has just been sent to our local and national representatives.