Spring 2019


The latest information that we have received is that Superfast Broadband will only be available in our Parish Council area via County Broadband 'fibre to the house' internet. Surveying of logistics will start from Spring 2019. Those properties signed-up with County Broadband will receive fuller details direct. The existing wireless service, at the properties below, it has been established, should still be able to receive this service and are on the list at the bottom of the formal preamble as follows:



  • The County Broadband network meets the technical requirements for superfast broadband as set by the EU and is capable of providing a superfast broadband service. Therefore areas covered by the service continue to be not eligible for public investment because a superfast broadband service is already available.
  • It is recognised that in a small number of cases the wireless signal in covered areas may not reach individual properties. Superfast Essex will maintain the already existing public feedback process for identifying these by using evidenced feedback from impacted residents or businesses. Where this process is successfully completed, the impacted premises will become eligible for public investment.
  • Superfast Essex will also continue to monitor very closely the deployment of the remaining 'planned' coverage by County Broadband to ensure this is completed within the notified timescales. If this does not happen, impacted areas will be reclassified as eligible for investment. Deployment of all planned County Broadband coverage must be complete by end of December 2019. An update on the new coverage now deployed by County Broadband in your community is included at the end of this letter.
  • Superfast essex can be contacted at: www.superfastessex.org/contactus and County Broadband at: www.countybroadband.co.uk


List is available here: