Councillors as of 7th May 2019:


Chairman: Mr. R. Nott, Ovington Hall, CO10 8LD. Tel.01787 277298

Clerk: Mr. A. Corder-Birch, Rustlings, Howe Drive, Halstead, CO9 2LQ. Tel.07816 362607

Vice-Chairman: Mr. P.J. Gentry, Penny Farthings, Little Yeldham Rd., Lt. Yeldham CO9 4LN Tel. 01787 238340

Mr. M. Graham, Bramley Cottage, North End, Lt. Yeldham CO9 4LG. Tel. 07832 102818

Mrs. R. Marsh, Red House, Mashey Rd, Lt. Yeldham. CO9 4LA. Tel. 07887767199

Mrs. A.L. Gardiner, Upper Yeldham Hall, Lt. Yeldham, CO9 4LF. Tel. 07939586145

Mr. D. Patient, 65, Little Yeldham Rd., Little Yeldham,  CO9 4QT. Tel. 01787 238514

Mrs. K. Chapman, The Pines, North End, Lt. Yeldham CO9 4LG. Tel.01787 829783

Mr. P. Pawsey, Upper Farm, Ovington, CO10 8LD. Tel. 01787 277316

Ms. Tina Kelson, The Corner House, Clare Road, Tilbury Juxta Clare. CO9 4JR


Councillors appointed as representatives to other organisations:  

Little Yeldham Village Hall - Mr. M. Graham

Belchamp St. Paul Community House - Mr. P. E. Pawsey

Airfield Joint Action Group and BDC Airfield Liaison Group - Mr. P. E. Pawsey

EALC & BALC meetings - Chairman & Vice Chairman


Councillors with specific responsibilities:

Public Rights of Way:

             Little Yeldham -  Mr. M. Graham, Mrs. A. L. Gardiner & Mrs. R.K. Marsh.

             Tilbury Juxta Clare - 

             Ovington - Mr. P. E. Pawsey

Tree Wardens:

             Little Yeldham - Mrs. R. K. Marsh

             Tilbury Juxta Clare - 

             Ovington - Mr. P. E. Pawsey


             Little Yeldham - Mr. P.J. Gentry

             Tilbury Juxta Clare - 

             Ovington - Mr. K. R. Nott

 Highway defects:

               Little Yeldham - Mr. M.D.Graham

               Tilbury Juxta Clare - 

               Ovington - Mr. P.E. Pawsey

 Emergency Planning:

              Little Yeldham - Mr. P. J. Gentry

              Tilbury Juxta Clare - 

              Ovington - Mr. K. R. Nott


Further information regarding District Emergency Planning can be accessed