Environmental matters

Overhanging branches/bushes/hedges etc.

Residents are reminded that where trees/hedges etc. abut the road, it is their responsibility to ensure that they are cut back, so that vehicles do not scratch their paintwork when driving near the edge of the road. Councillors have received complaints in this respect. Any hedge should be cut back by 1 metre from roadside so that Highways can cut the verge when necessary.


The matter can be enforced by Essex Highways who will undertake the work and bill the resident.


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Essex Highways cut verges at most twice a year, which may not be enough. If residents could undertake some of this work it would be much appreciated. Verges generally belong to Essex Highways and are normally 1 metre in width. 


Riparian Watercourse rights

Where a watercourse passes across your land you become a ‘riparian owner’, and legally, it is the equal responsibility of landowners on each side of such watercourse to ensure that the flow is not impeded. This does mean keeping the watercourse clear of debris, silt etc. Unfortunately believing that ‘they’ will keep it clear is not an option, because ‘they’ (if you have a watercourse) actually means ‘you’. With heavy downpours in recent years, it was apparent that pipe-work, bridges etc. installed in ditches (possibly by previous owners/residents) across resident’s land was inadequate, holding up the watercourse flow (Belchamp Brook for instance), causing ‘backing-up’ and flooding to occur in some people’s gardens. This could clearly have legal implications for the landowners, particularly with the difficulties currently faced with getting flood insurance, and depending on the circumstances, the Environment Agency/County or District Council could possibly take enforcement action.