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The Parish Council has decided NOT to intervene in the sale of the Green Man Public House.  It is understood there is a degree of commercial interest but should this fall through the Parish Council may decide at a later date to revisit its decision.  This means that there will be NO 6-month moratorium on its sale by Greene King.


As you are aware the quarry at Coleman's Bridge is now operating.  There are specific restrictions on gravel lorries using Witham Road (in its entirity) or Little Braxted Lane beyond the quarry entrance.  Please report any sitings of gravel lorries attempting to use these roads to littlebraxtedpc@hotmail.com  If you can give the time/date and vehicle registration it would be helpful in ensuring that our residents' peace is respected.  Thank you.

Our Accounts have been audited by our Internal Auditor, but a copy, together with the Internal Auditor's report, can be found on our Financial Reports page.  After adoption by the Council in May they go to the External Auditors; as a resident you have the rights to inspect the accounts and raise questions of the External Auditor during the period 5th June to 14th July.  We also welcome inspection at any other time.  Your full rights and a copy of the External Audit Notice can be found here Notice of Public Rights 2017 Audit


Does your community group need for funds ?  Click here for information on funding for Little Braxted residents.


Confused about the planning system - read the recently-published plain guide to planning on the Councillor Resources page of the site


Do you want to be kept more up-to-date with village activities ?  Email us at littlebraxtedpc@hotmail.com


Visiting the village ?  Find out what's on offer on our Visit Braxted page.


The website is intended to bring the community together more and provide a suitable way for you to share your concerns, ideas and feedback with your parish council.


Our aim is to be transparent in our decision-making and make our documentation freely available - see our Model Publication Scheme


We hope you will find it of benefit!  Sadly however our actions may give cause for grievance - should you wish to complain about them please see our Complaints Policy and Procedure


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