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Parish Clean-up Day: 22nd March 2015

On behalf of the parish council and everyone in the village, a big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to help with the village clean-up on Sunday 22nd March. A small army of volunteers went round picking up all manner of things from verges and hedges around the village. It never ceases to amaze the scope and variety of things people are prepared to carry in and throw from their cars into our community. In addition to the usual crop of fast food packaging and drinks containers, top prize for unusual rubbish goes to Clare and Alan Dobie for picking up a discarded TV. 

Going round on Sunday afternoon, the impact of everyone’s efforts was evident with the roadsides being spotless – hopefully we can keep things that way. We would encourage everyone to keep the area in front of their homes clear – remember we have entered the Best Kept Village Award again this year.


John Gilbert


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