Planning applications for the month in the Parish of Little Braxted or neighbouring areas will be posted with a link below.


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Current Planning Applications:

HOUSE/MAL/18/00125 - Single storey rear extension - Waggers, Lea Lane



Recent Planning Applications:

FUL/MAL/18/00003 - Removal of conditions 3 and 4 on approved planning permission FUL/MAL/14/00041 (proposed storage shed and additional fencing) - Little Oaks Residential Home, Braxted Road


LBC/MAL/17/01299 - Change of use from ancilliary residential to self contained letting rooms - The Green Man, Green Man Lane


LBC/MAL/17/01148 - Insertion of mezzanine floor and timber staircases and raised walkway; insertion of new bathrooms; new pitched roof infill between farmhouse and barn; insertion of windows and rooflights; new lowered ground floor construction; new external steps; conversion of stables to WC and utility room; change of barn roof finish; insertion of insulation to new floor, roof and exterior walls - Barn adjoining to the west, Hales Farm, Witham Road


HOUSE/MAL/17/00959  - Two single storey rear extensions and two, 2 storey side extensions (to replace existing side extension) - The Elms Kelvedon Road


FUL/MAL/17/00896 – Change of Use from class B1(a)(offices) to a mixed use comprising office and educational use – Units 11-13, Little Braxted Hall, Witham Road


HOUSE/MAL/16/00713 - Extension to existing garage - Digswell, Kelvedon Road


16/00703 - New porch - Waggers, Braxted Road


16/00450/FUL - Removal of redundant agricultural barn to create one new dwelling - Barn Attached To South Of Sewells Farm, Witham Road 


HOUSE/MAL/26/00033 – Two storey side extension and two storey front porch with jetty to first floor – Oak Cottage, Braxted Road


OUT/MAL/16/00048 – Outline application for a single dwelling – Land between Heath House and Little Braxted House, Braxted Road


FUL/MAL/15/01227 - Resiting of existing stables (renewal of previous application 05/00768) - Land adjacent to The Elms, Kelvedon Road

FUL/MAL/15/01198 - Change of Use of Farm Building into Office Use (Class B1) - Little Braxted Hall, Witham Road

HOUSE/MAL/15/00408 – Proposed Two-Storey Extension and Link to St Nicholas Cottage – St Nicholas Cottage, Witham Road

FUL/MAL/15/00143 - Alterations to appearance and fenestration of dwelling approved under FUL/MAL/05/01282 - Flag Cottage, Witham Road 

HOUSE/MAL/14/00175 - Proposed replacement roof incorporating new first floor accommodation. Two storey front extension and internal alterations - Waggers, Lea Lane

HOUSE/MAL/14/00127 – First Floor extension over existing double garage – Woodstock House, Green Man Lane

WTPO/MAL/14/00093 – Reduce to a minimum of 8 metres to stabilise tree – Thatched Cottage, Heath Lane

HOUSE/MAL/13/01124 – Retention of front wall, reduction of gate piers to a height of 1.5m and proposed new gates – The White House, Kelvedon Road


FUL/MAL/13/01100 PP_03039202 for the use of land for the stationing of caravans for residential purposes for 4 no. gypsy pitches and 4 no. transit pitches as well as regularising the use of existing pitches 1 and 6 together with the formation of additional hardstanding and utility/day-rooms/wet-rooms ancilliary to that use at 2, The Orchards, Lea Lane, Great Braxted

HOUSE/MAL/13/01124 – Retention of front wall, reduction of gate piers to a height of 1.5m and proposed new gates – The White House, Kelvedon Road


LBC/MAL/13/00972 - Replacement of windows to first floor landing, first floor master bedroom, ensuite bathroom, lounge, kitchen and laundry room - Trust Cottage, Kelvedon Road




FUL/MAL/13/00936 PP-02899961 - Temporary change of use for stationing of caravan for temporary residential use - Old Orchard Barn, Lea Lane




FUL/MAL/13/00876 - Homefield House, Witham Road - Proposed change of use from domestic garage and home based catering business to cafe (A3). Occasional use 12.00 to 18.00 two days per week.




FUL/MAL/13/00850 PP_02889233 - Land adjacent to Little Braxted Hall - Installation of a ground mounted photovoltaic (pv) solar energy generating system (solar farm) for the sole purpose of making the existing farm business and associated businesses self sufficient in  terms of electricity generation



TPO 32/91 - Oak in Group 5, marked T1 on plan - remove lower branch growing towards house - Ridgewood, Braxted Road


FUL/MAL/13/00612 PP-02743980 - Application for change of use of land for stationing of caravans.  To extend the existing 2 No. permanent residential gypsy pitches to provide 2 No. adjacent family transit pitches with washrooms and hardstanding ancilliary to their use.  Provide 4 No. additional permanent residential gypsy pitches with utility/day rooms, hardstanding and access road ancilliary to their use - The Orchards, Lea Lane


NMA/MAL/13/00433 – Application for non-material amendment; change windows from oak to painted hardwood – Land opposite Heath House, Braxted Road



HOUSE/MAL/13/00319 – Replacement of old wooden posts with two brick pillars (retrospective) – Waggers, Lea Lane


NMA/MAL/13/00433 – Application for non-material amendment; change windows from oak to painted hardwood – Land opposite Heath House, Braxted Road


FUL/MAL/13/00036 PP-02395715 – Installation and operation of a solar farm and associated infrastructure – land south of Little Braxted Hall, Witham Road


HOUSE/MAL/13/00255 PP-02518174 – Proposed new cart lodge, Halfacre House, Kelvedon Road, Little Braxted


FUL/MAL/13/00181 – A material amendment to FUL/MAL/10/00900 relating to a revised position of the access hard standing – Land fronting Broomfields Farm, Lea Lane, Great Braxted


FUL/MAL/13/00096 – Extension of plot 1 amenity block to form workshop and storage area – Plot 1, 4 The Orchards, Lea Lane, Great Braxted


FUL/MAL/13/00050 - Change of Use from domestic garage to home-based business.  New window opening formed to existing structure - Homefield House, Witham Road, Little Braxted


FUL/MAL/12/01063 PP-02356458 - Refurbishment of the existing barns with minor extensions and change of use to residential - Old Orchard Barn, Lea Lane, Great Braxted


FUL/MAL/13/00017 PP-2394966 - Alterations and extensions at ground and first floor level to rear of existing building - Threadgolds Farm, Lea Lane, Great Braxted


FUL/MAL/13/00036 - Installation and operation of a solar farm and associated infrastructure, including PV panels, mounting frames, inverters, transformers, switchgear, fence and pole mounted security cameras - Land South Of Little Braxted Hall Witham Road Little Braxted



Views concerning the applications must reach MDC within 21 days of the date of the application


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