The Hurricane of 1987


The Hurricane of 1987.

The day after the Hurricane of 1987, Mrs Church observed:

'In the early hours of the 15th October 1987 a storm of amazing violence swept across the south east of England (and parts of Northern France) coming from the South West.

Flashes could be seen, which we took at first to be lightning but in fact must have been the power line coming down.  Many were brought down by falling trees and in some cases the poles themselves were blown down.

There was considerable damage in Lt. Braxted.  There were two trees fallen down across Kelvedon Rd.  In Braxted road an Oak was across the road at 'Corner Cottage' and another Oak at 'Nomans'.  Further up four trees had fallen together across the road by 'Beacon Cottage'.  The pole for the power line at 'Heath House' fell, narrowly missing the house.  Many trees fell in the daffodil area at Heath House.  Every garden had trouble, many trees being uprooted.

Tiles also came off many roofs - including Heath House, the School House and the School room.  At Hales Farm all the pan tiles were blown off the leeward side of the stable block (a door had been left open, they say).

In the church yard the large Cypress tree fell onto the porch of the church, amazingly damaging only a few tiles at the edge.  The tree was half uprooted taking flagstones with it.  One of the red Hawthorn trees was totally uprooted, one broken off at the top of the trunk.  Two large limbs were torn off one of the Yew trees.  A large bough of one of the Chestnuts in the drive of the hall had fallen across the path by the small gate.

At the Hall a number of the chestnut trees were damaged so that their whole drive was blocked.  many trees had fallen around the farm yard.  In the plantations of Willows beside the river up to a thousand trees were uprooted!

In consequence of all this damage, electricity and telephone lines were pulled down.  Heath House and houses in that area were without electricity for 8 days - others for 4 or 5 days.  At 'Lark Rise' and some houses down the hill, there it came on on the Friday afternoon, and the phone was on from late morning on.  In order to get the service going again electricity workers came from all other parts of the country, including Scotland and wales to help the local teams'


Hurricane Damage at St Nicholas Church 1987



Hurricane Damage at St Nicholas Church 1987 (2)



Hurricane Damage at St Nicholas Church 1987 (3)


Hurricane damage at St Nicholas Church Lt Braxted 1987