2018 - The Museum Re-opened on Good Friday 

A Bright Opening on a Dull Day

Maldon’s Museum in the Park reopened on a very wet Good Friday, but there was plenty to keep visitors interested. 

Centre of attention was a display by guest of honour Lynne Raymond who spoke about her recent research into the life of Edward Bright senior, the ‘fat man at Maldon’. Lynne’s detailed research has dispelled many of the myths surrounding one of Maldon’s famous characters. 

For example, Church House in the High Street, long regarded as Bright’s home, was actually the home of his son, Edward ‘Ted’ Bright.

And, early reports of a wager about the size of Bright’s waistcoat, which claimed that ‘seven Hundred men’ could fit inside, were also unfounded. Lynne found documents relating to two wagers. In one, ‘seven men, aged 21 and resident in Maldon’ fitted inside. In the second, the number was ‘nine Gentlemen’. 

A new permanent display in the Museum illustrates many aspects of Bright’s life. On the day, Lynne showed many of the historical documents and artefacts that have supported her detective work into this fascinating life. 

And, to add further interest, Richard Bright, a descendant of Edward, was present to hear the story. 

Easter is the traditional reopening of the Museum and, to mark the event, Lynne and the Town Mayor, Clllr Jeanette Stilts, cut the ceremonial ribbon. 

Lynne also took the opportunity to praise the work of current and past volunteers who had worked hard over many years to bring the Museum up to its very high standard. 

This season opened with a number of fresh exhibits and the 'Escape Room' style games at the Museum. The ‘Odd One Out’ game, which asks children to identify objects that don’t fit with the theme of a room, proved popular over Easter. The ‘Park Keepers Child,’ an escape game created exclusively for the Museum, is for teams who have to solve puzzles and untangle riddles to get the key and escape the Museum before the time runs out - see below for details.


Photos (by Ian Linton)

Lynne Raymond and the ‘fat man at Maldon’

GF - Lynne and coat

Lynne Raymond and Cllr Jeanette Stilts, Town Mayor, opened the Museum for the new season on Good Friday

GF - Mayor and Lynne

Lynne Raymond and Cllr Jeanette Stilts, Town Mayor, with Richard Bright, a descendant of Edward Bright, the ‘Fat man at Maldon’

GF - Lynne & Mayor

Visitors young and old braved the rain to visit the Museum on Good Friday

GF - Open sign



BBC Essex Quest come searching!

BBC Essex Quest team stopped by for a visit during their most recent Essex Quest on Sunday 16th of September. Barry and Lianna had a great little visit with a wonderful interview with the brilliant Harriet Crawford, our Accessions Officer, about some of the items we have on display. You can still catch the visit on BBC iPlayer for radio by searching BBC Essex Quest. 

BBC Essex's Lianna interviews our own Harriet Crawford

Escape Games on Tuesday and Sunday evenings 

The escape room craze has come to the museum courtesy of The Escape Network, who have created a new game specifically for the museum. Called  “The Park Keeper’s Child’, the game is a work of fiction based on the museum building that was once the home of the park keeper for Promenade Park. Teams are invited to investigate newly found information, crack codes and solve puzzles to discover the fate of the park keeper and his child, and escape the museum before the time runs out.

The Escape Network will be running regular games at the museum on Tuesday and Sunday evenings. Games are for up to 6 players and cost £65 per team.  To book a session all you need do is visit www.TheEscapeNetwork.co.uk


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