Marks Tey Parish Council Scheduled Meeting Dates for 2017 and 2018 to be held in the Council Room, Marks Tey Parish Hall, Old London Road, Marks Tey 

All meetings are on a Monday (unless otherwise stated) starting at 18.30 

Committee meeting dates may be subject to change and additions dependant on the Business required to be transacted.  

Members of the public are warmly invited to attend.

2017 Meetings  

Full Council

9 January

13 February

13 March

10 April

8 May             Annual Parish Council meeting & Annual Assembly

12 June - This meeting will be defered until 13 June to follow on from the CBC Local Plan meeting on 12 June 

10 July

14 August - Please note that the August Full Council meeting will take place on 9 August 2017 (not 14 August) to enable the Council to agree  a detailed reponse to the CBC Draft Local Plan by the 11 August     deadline.  

11 September

9 October

13 November

11 December


23 January                 Premises

27 February               Planning

27 March                   Staff & Establishment

24 April                       Transport

22 May                       Premises

26 June                      Planning

24 July                        Staffing & Establishment

August                        No Meeting

25 September           To be agreed 

23 October                Premises

27 November            Staffing & Establishment

December                No Meeting



Marks Tey Parish Council    2018 Meetings

Monday 8 January


Full Council

Monday 22 January


Parish Premises Committee

Monday 12 February


Full Council

Monday 26 February


Staffing & Establishment Committee

Monday 12 March


Full Council

Monday 26 March


Finance Committee

Monday 9 April


Full Council

Monday 23 April


Planning Committee

Monday 14 May


Annual Parish Council Meeting

Monday 21 May


Annual Assembly

Thursday 31 May


Parish Premises Committee

Monday 11 June


Full Council

Monday 25 June


Staffing & Establishment Committee

Monday 9 July


Full Council

Monday 23 July


Planning Committee

Monday 13 August


Full Council

Monday 27 August


Bank Holiday no meeting

Monday 10 September


Full Council

Monday 24 September


Finance Committee

Monday 8 October


Full Council

Monday 22 October


Parish Premises Committee

Monday 5 November


Full Council

Monday 19 November


Staffing & Establishment Committee

Monday 3 December


Full Council

Monday 17 December


Available for a Committee meeting in case of need