Marks Tey Parish Neighbourhood Plan


New (July/Aug 19) copy of the Neighbourhood Plan for Marks Tey in draft form as it exists so far, together with The 4 page Summary Document of this circulated with the July Parish Newsletter, and a short questionnaire for your views and comments. Please click on the names below:

Draft Neighbourhood Plan,

Circulated Summary Document,

and Questionnaire - July 2019

The Character Assessment has been updated (Aug 19) and is being uploaded to replace the previous versions below.



  Flyer to update all residents

Neighbourhood Plan designated area is the Parish Council boundary  click here for plan


With so much change being talked about, Marks Tey Parish Council decided to form a Marks Tey Parish Neighbourhood Plan to try to influence that change, to include the whole of the parish of Marks Tey and its various communities. A Neighbourhood Plan works along side the new draft Colchester Borough Council 2019-33 Local Plan. The Neighbourhood Plan identifies evidences and helps to plan and deliver community priorities in the locality and, once adopted, is legally binding on any affected planning applications. For further information on any of the items click on the blue underlined lettering.

What is happening on the Neigbourhood Plan

This section indicates what is being produced before going on further down the page to say how it is produced. It references current, draft, and changing work. Please check back often to get uptodate and corrected information.

Vision Statement and a set of Objectives have been formed. For details Click here 

The Steering Committee has formed 6 Focus Groups: Economy, Environment, Facilities and Wellbeing, Getting Around, Heritage, Housing to work on the information and views you have given in your questionnaires and interviews and to turn these into Neighbourhood Plan Policies. Detailed information will be available by clicking on the blue underlined Group heading as they become available.  

We are also undertaking a Character Assessment of the Parish. This again is in development. Click on the blue lettering for current information.

This Charater Assesment has been divided into 5 areas and maps have been prepared to show key information and your favoured views

Overall map locating village views

Little Tey Map (Little Tey and Elm Lane)

Marks Tey Estate and Long Green Map

Potts Green Map (south east of A12)

Roman River Map (North Lane, Church Lane, and Brickworks)

Marks Tey Old Village Map (Old London Road, London Road, shops)

Consultants, OutDesign, have been provided to undertake spacial analysis and Master Planning options.

Outdesign Master Planning report giving development ideas for consultation

How a Neighbourhood Plan Works

To be adopted a Neighbourhood Plan has to seek and evidence community needs and views, detail the character of the area, and set proposals for how this will develop during the term of the Local Plan i.e. till 

Explanation of Out Design development scenarios Click here 

 2033. Once a draft Plan has been formed, every household in the Parish will be contacted, and the Borough Council will hold a referendum on the proposals which if approved by

 Producing a Neighbourhood Plan

To produce this, Marks Tey Parish Council formed a volunteer Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group from the community and Parish Council to investigate needs, liaise with the community, and act as an advisory group to Marks Tey Parish Council on the Neighbourhood Plan. They meet approximately every two to four weeks at the Parish Hall. The Parish Council provides a budget for the Steering Group, which is supplemented by grants from the Government, to undertake its activities and pay for consultants to give technical expertise, assistance and advice with this. No money goes to the members of the Steering Group nor Parish Council who all work voluntarily.

Challenges and Influence

With the degree of change being proposed for our area, forming a Neighbourhood Plan is a great challenge as there are very few firm proposals and even less detail in the new Local Plan that we can work to. This has, however, made it even more essential to undertake the Neighbourhood Plan, and seek community views, in order to influence the ongoing larger planning debate. It is, however, unlikely that we will be able to conclude the Neighbourhood Plan until more detail and any supplementary documents for this area is settled within the Local Plan but we are actively working to form a draft Plan that can be modified as more wider planning detail is settled and are interacting with the Borough Council to influence the developing Plan based on what you have told us.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Dates, Membership, and Steering Group Minutes click here


Contributing Your Views

A series of questionnaires and interactions with residents and businesses have been undertaken. To see more detail of what has been done and the results click here.

It is not too late to complete one of our questionnaires, give your views, or offer to help. If you would like further information please contact contact Allan Walker or Ian Scott-Thompson, or visit the facebook page MTNP.

Neighbourhood Plan Progress Reports  click here