Marks Tey Parish Neighbourhood Plan

This page holds information and documents related to the Marks Tey Parish Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plan designated area i.e Parish Council boundary  click here

Marks Tey Parish Council decided to form a Marks Tey Parish Neighbourhood Plan to include the whole of the parish of Marks Tey and its various communities. A Neighbourhood Plan sits beneath the emerging Colchester Borough Council Local Plan and identifies, evidences and helps to plan and deliver community priorities in the locality. To effect this, Marks Tey Parish Council has formed a volunteer Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group from the commuity to investigate needs, liase with the community, and act as an advisory group to Marks Tey Parish Council on the Neighbourhood Plan. The Parish Council provids a budget for the Steering Group, which is suplemented by grants from the Government, to undertake its activities.

Neighbourhood Plan Roadmap Guide  click here

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meets at the Parish Hall approximately every two weeks and has appointed its own topic areas and groups to investigate the community needs. As part of this community questionnaires and surveys have been undertaken to seek involvement and views and this continues. Questionnaires have been delivered to all households in the parish. Additional surveys have also been undertaken at the station and with the school. These can be accessed below. Please let us know your views and you can still download a copy and complete the main questionnaire below to ensure that your views are included.

Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire

To access the Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire online, click here:

To download and save additional copies of the Questionnaire - click here

The results from all of the surveys undertaken so far can be reviewed in graphical form - click here .

As part of the information collection for the Plan a Birdwatch survey was under taken in January  2016.  For the details of the background click here and the results click here  

The Steering Committee has formed 6 interest groups . Economy, Environment, Getting Around, Heritage, Housing, Facilities and Wellbeing.

If any of these subjects interest you, as well as evidence gathering, we are working on possible questions for the main survey and your help is very welcome. Please contact the group chairman Gerald Wells :

As part of the Economy interest group’s evidence gathering . All Businesses within Marks Tey have been issued with a short survey to help gauge their current and future needs. The survey and letter can be viewed here

We have been doing a Heritage and Character Assessment study for the NP Plan. The ability to view the work so far and to learn more about the history of Marks Tey wil be coming soon.