The Club

* We have now achieved over 33 year as a magical society & are proud to be known as the friendly club. Our current membership stands at approx 36  lady and gentlemen members, several of whom are professional magicians. We try to keep the membership to a reasonable amount and not get too big so as to maintain our reputation of friendliness. 

*We ...naturally welcome anyone with a keen interest in magic. Entrance to membership is gained by proving a genuine interest in magic, attending informal nights for a period of time and then performing 3 effects to at least 2 inspecting officers of the club.   

* Whilst we wish to encourage the younger generation to take active interest in magic and our club, we prefer them to be at least 15 years old. All youngsters should be accompanied by a parent who will be asked to spend time in the bar whilst their youngster is in the clubroom! Once he/she reaches 16 they are eligible to become an associate member and upon reaching 18 years of age, they are entitled to become a full member.   

* Tuesday nights - We meet every Tuesday night at a pub in Danbury area for all members who wish to attend. There are always teach-ins and demonstrations happening! Non members are allowed into the club room by pre-arrangement special invitation only.   

* Once a month is designated as a club night for members only.     

* During the year we have lectures to which members of other magical societies are very welcome. We also have auction nights, workshops & general magic and fun nights. Our two annual competitions are for stage magic and close-up magic.   

* Our annual BBQ – normally held in August each year is a  fun, weather permitting, outdoors event which is a great social opportunity for wives, partners, families and friends of our members to get together.   

* The December club night is replaced by our awards dinner held at a hotel in the Chelmsford area. A chance for the members to get together socially with partners, wives and friends. Along with a 3 course meal we have a Professional cabaret, Presentation of Awards and close up magic to entertain everyone