Multicultural World Dance & Music workshops in Schools

Multicultural World Dance, music & history workshops offered: contact 07990703558/ 01603425068

Ancient Egyptians: Ancient Mespotamians: Ancient Greeks: Ancient Romans:  

Ancient Britons: British country dances: Lolly Morris: Anglo Saxons: Vikings: Roman Britain: Welsh Dragon: Ireland

African Continent: Ask for specific country

Europe: Spain: France: Italy: Greece

Biblical lands & times:  Christian & Judaic, New & Old Testament: Phoenicians: 

Ancient Mesopotamia: 

Indian Classical, Bollywood, or focusing on Indus valley, Mughal Empire: 

Caribbean: Mexico: Aztec: Mayans: Peru: Chile: Argentina: Brazilian Carnival Samba: Amazon Rainforest

Native North American:

Australian Aboriginal:

New Zealand Maori Haka:

Chinese Dragon: Shang Dynasty: 

Japanese Fan dance: 

Islamic civilisations: Tibet

Through the universal language of dance & music, the aim is to create a fun, flowing, non competitive space, encouraging each student to explore thier own creativity, whilst enhancing thier knowledge and appreciation of different cultures and beliefs

Workshops are cross curricular.  If there is a dance style or era not mentioned do contact me, it will be a pleasure to research and deliver a workshop tailor made for you, tel 01603425068  contact details prices and evaluations

Dance is a universal language that enables us to connect directly with cultures that are normally beyond our everday reach.  These multicultural workshops cover history, music and dance, including hands on experience with instruments.  They can be in conjunction with the National curriculum or part of an arts week. The workshops are educational, inspirational and suitable for all ages, gender, dancers and non- dancers.  Lorraine has been teaching in schools in, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Herts, Cambs, Lincs, Cheshire, Somerset, South Yorkshire, with great success for 29 Years.

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