Weekly programme AUTUMN / WINTER TERM 2017



 Dates with no details are simply 2 hours of painting time.

 Dates with details are optional activity evenings.

 On DEMO nights the tables will not be set up for painting.

  7th SEPT:  

 14th SEPT:  

21st SEPT: 

28th SEPT: 'PIECES OF' Assembling the original masterpiece from sections painted by members

5th OCT:

12th OCT: 

19th OCT: 

26th OCT: DEMONSTRATION in Oil painting techniques by Caroline Stevens ( a Bob Ross certified instructor)

2nd NOV:

9th NOV: 

16th NOV:

23rd NOV: 'PASS THE PAINTING'  Bring a drawing / photo and paper of your choice. The work will be passed around at 10 min intervals for each to add their contribution to the picture.

30th NOV: 

7th DEC: 

14th DEC:  Last day of term.   Festive Buffet at breaktime after an hour of painting. Please bring along a plate of finger food to be shared.            


SPRING TERM starts 1st FEBRUARY 2018