BounceLogo2((BOUNCE)) mini trampoline fitness available in Panfield Village Hall

These mini trampoline sessions are a fun and effective way to keep fit. Three sessions are available:

  • Every Monday 'Bounce in Bocking', 8pm to 9pm (but there are no sessions on the third Monday of the month). ***Please note that during November and December 2018 there won't be any Monday sessions. They will resume in January 2019**
  • Every Wednesday 'Bounce Blast in Bocking - child friendly', 6pm to 6.45pm
  • Every Saturday 'Bounce at Bocking - child friendly', 9am to 10am.

For more information, terms and conditions, costs, and to book your place, see the full schedule. Keep up-to-date and watch out for special offers by visiting the Bounce Braintree & Bocking Facebook page

Bounce sessions take one hour; the first 45 minutes are choreographed dance-cardio jumping routines followed by 15 minutes of toning. Bounce Blast sessions take 45 minutes of jumping with the optional use of hand and ankle weights. Child friendly means you can bring your kids along to the session. For more information visit See also their Frequently Asked Questions page.