villaPanfield Twinning Association was set up twenty years ago to make links with Saint-Symphorien-le-Chateau a small village in northern France which is now linked with the larger villages of Auneau and Bleury. It is now known as Auneau-Bleury-Saint-Symphorien.

Every other year, members of Panfield Twinning Association travel to Auneau-Bleury-Saint-Symphorien (view map here) for a long weekend where we always receive an extremely warm welcome; visits and social events are laid on for us by our host familis. The favour is returned when our French friends visit Panfield and are hosted by families in the village, or sometimes further afield.  

Why not join us?

Learning about each other’s cultures is just one of the benefits of belonging to a twinning association.  More importantly, however, is making friends with families from across the English Channel. 

Twinning is for all ages and you don't have to speak fluent French; a few words and a phrase book work wonders. We charge an annual membership fee of £50 per couple which goes towards hosting our French friends and transport to France when we go there.   

Future Events

Please keep checking back for future events; they will also be placed on the Events page of this website. You do not have to be a member to attend twinning association events.

If you would like any more information about us or about hosting a family, please contact Karen Stubbs on 01376 322017, email or visit the Panfield Twinning Association Facebook page.