The Parish Clerk should be contacted in the first instance for any Parish Council information (office hours 09:00 to 17:00). To contact an individual member, please put their name in the subject box of your email.  

Members' Registers of Interest are published on the Braintree District Council website.

Panfield Parish Council members from September 2018

Members' details    Members' Details  


 Mr William Saward (May 2013)

 Little Priory Barns,

 Braintree Road

 Panfield, CM7 5BH.

 Tel: 07810 155694


 Parish Clerk

 Ms Kerry Macken (June 2018)

 Panfield Village Hall

 Kynaston Road

 Panfield, CM7 5AQ.

 Tel: 07791 163231


 Vice Chairman

 Mr Chris Lee

 8 Ketley's View

 Panfield, CM7 5AF

 Tel: 07970 718805


 Mrs Sara Peak

 The Old Rectory, 

 Church End

 Panfield, CM7 5AJ

 Tel: 01376 321045


 Mrs Jennifer Edwards (June 2013)

 7, Church End,

 Panfield, CM7 5AJ 

 Tel: 01376 619405


 Mrs Gaynor Barlow (May 2012 - resigned 4 Oct 2018)





 Mr Glyn Craig (May 2018)

 Noakes House, Hall Road

 Panfield, CM7 5AP

 Tel: 07513 101412


 Mrs Jean Dilworth (2018)

 Bell Lane

 Panfield, CM7 5AG

 Tel: 01376 324056


 Braintree Councillor

 Mr Peter Tattersley (May 2011)

 Rosedene, Dunmow Road

 Great Bardfield, CM7 4SF

 Tel: 07896 356504


 Braintree Councillor

 Mr Peter Schwier

 Long Fen

 Great Maplestead, CO9 2RJ

 Tel: 01787 460473


 Essex Councillor

 Mr Graham Butland (ECC)

 25 Highclere Road

 Great Notley

 Braintree, CM77 7WX

 Tel: 01376 345681


 MP for Braintree

 James Cleverley (May 2015)

 Tel: 020 7983 6571