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Polish School

Our Polish School is located in the Adult Community College in Ambleside Drive,  Southend-on-Sea, which is a seaside town twinned with the Polish seaside town of Sopot on the north coast of Poland.

Southend-on-Sea is located in the County of Essex in the southeast of England about 36 miles (60km) from the City of London. It is located beside the sea near the mouth of the River Thames.

The Polish School in Southend-on-Sea invites all children and parents to join us.

If your child is not already speaking Polish - we can teach your child from beginner level.

Or, if your child can speak and understand Polish - we will substantiate your child's language.

Parents are very welcome to learn with their children.

During the time that children are in class, parents can sit in the college cafe, talk, make friends, swap ideas and information and they can learn English.

We cater for all ages of children between 4 and 11 years. Classes are divided into four age groups plus the arts group :

The First Group  -  teaches pre-school children who are beginning to learn the Polish language and the Polish alphabet.

The Second Group  -  is for beginners similar to British schools Years 1 and 2. They are learning basic speaking, reading, understanding and writing.

The Third Group  -  is intermediate, they learn Polish literature and Polish grammar.

We are going to create another class for young people to study for G.C.S.E  and A Level examinations.

The Arts Group  (Theatre & Dancing)  -  this group holds classes for  students from the fourth group and some from younger groups. During the classes children learn traditional dances from various Polish regions.

The Polish Adults Group  (TEFL / ESOL)  -  this group is for Polish adults who wish to learn English or to improve their English. Most Polish adult students are the parents of children in the Polish Saturday School, but other adults are welcome to attend, learn and make friends. Time - 10:00am to 12:30pm.

The British Adults Group  (Learn a foreign language)  -  this group is for British adults who wish to learn Polish as a new language for work, tourism or family contact. Most British adult students are interested in Poland and the Polish language. Other British adults with a little knowledge of Polish are welcome to attend, listen, converse, learn and make friends. Time - 10:00am to 12:30pm.


Lessons are normally held every Saturday morning, the earliest start at 9:45am and most end at 12:45pm, we leave the school at 1.00pm.

Arts group lessons are held between 11:45am and 12:45am for the singing and dance classes.


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