1. Please note that we may have a photographer on hand throughout the event to capture the      action. If you do not want to be caught on any photographs please tell the photographer. 

2. All your drinking needs will be taken care of by the staff of the Maritime Bar. 

   Please remember I.D.may be required when ordering drinks.Drinks will not be sold to minors    Only drinks purchased at the venue are to be consumed at this event.       

4. If you feel peckish there will be food available from dedicated caterers outside the venue.      Please dispose of your rubbish responsibly. Please note the cost of food and drink is not        included in the ticket price.     

5. If anyone is suspected of bringing illegal substances into the venue they will be ejected from    the venue wihtout reservation.


For your information here is the running order for the event. accordingly. This should help you plan your day. Everyone attending will be given a wrist band allowing them to come and go throughout the event, this way you can see your favourite bands as they come on stage but hopefully everyone will stay for the whole event so as not to miss any of the great bands and artists.




Doors open to the public   11.30 am

Bar open to the public    12 noon

Introduction to RFHS by Peter Hall on 
behalf of Havens Hospices
12.10  12.15 
The Uppercuts  12.15  12.45 
 Minerva Falls 13.00  13.30 
  Fire at Dawn  13.45 14.15 
Rewind  14.30 15.00 
Carousel 15.15 15.45 
 The Southend Jazz Cooperative 16.00 16.30 


There will now be an intermission of 30 minutes to allow the crew to get their breaths back

ready for the second half.   RFHS would like to thank all the bands and artists for their support.

             BAND OR ARTIST      
The Remnants   17.00  17.30
 The Blues Spiders  17.45  18.25
The Jam Project  18.40  19.20
 The Revival Band  19.35  20.15

                    The Long Run                      20.30          21.15   

We are delighted to welcome our headline entertainment from


        The Funky Voices Choir          21.30        22.30    

A huge thank you to all of you for supporting RFHS MusicFest 2017.

Your support will make a big difference for Havens Hospices and the adults and children they support in our community.