How to volunteer

Voluntary Help

Clinic/Shop Volunteers

The Clinic needs volunteers aged 18 years or older who can give a regular time commitment of one day a week for reception duties and being generally helpful around the premises (also making coffee/tea and having a friendly reassuring smile for our clients). Please contact the Clinic on 01245 478886 for further information.

Our Shop needs volunteers who are 16 years or older who can give at least half a day a week sorting clothes and bric-a-brac, pricing and displaying and serving at the till, as well as making coffee/tea and enjoying a chat while working. Please contact the Shop on 01245 263001 for further information.

Warning: Helping in our Shop can involve some lifting and carrying at times.


Animal Transport Helpers

We need assistance with the transport of animals to re-homing shelters in the local area. If you have a full UK licence and a large enough vehicle, we would be very grateful if you could volunteer to help us in this way. Thank you.



The branch welcomes applicants from the local area to help with the branch activites, fundraising, adminstrative duties and so forth. If you have some free time and would like to help in the running of this branch, please contact us.


Event supporters

We always are grateful of volunteers helping out at events we attend throughout the year, such as dog shows, school fetes and village shows.



We always are grateful of volunteers helping out at places where we attend throughout the year with collecting boxes such as Pets at Home and Tesco.



For a list of role available, please have a look at our volunteer registration form here.