Dear Pat and our friends of Sandon WI ,


It is pleasing to hear about your pleasant summer conditions and the weather being too hot to think about anything but resting in the shade.  Good to know that somewhere on the planet the sun is making an impact.  We will be even happier when Old Sol makes an impression over this side as although the winter is officially mild,  where we sit on the map makes this Manawatu province very susceptible to cold SW winds which sweep in from the Tasman and keep everyone fairly chilled  and bent over.  The alternative is SE or S,  from another direction but bringing the same effect.  


Unfortunately the day of our Birthday was no different, the roughest day I can remember for the anniversary.  Wet and cold.  Many of our members were not up to battling the conditions, and several were unwell.  Nevertheless the golf club interior was very warm and welcoming,  and we enjoyed a relaxed few hours in each other’s company; very unofficial because of the unusual circumstances of having no committee,  unknown until this year.   After lunch an entertainer sang, and playing the keyboard – many of the old songs which we’d sung when young which is nostalgic.  It’s such a personal success when you find you’ve remembered all the words.


Next month, another challenge.   The preparation for the spring show has to be done, so let’s hope the habit of years will not fail.  I have suggested to Maadi we could follow Sandon’s lead of the time you made judging in-house, by the members.  She thought that a good way to go so that’s what we’ll do.   Hopefully the weather will warm up through August and help the bulbs etc, to flower.


Thank you very much for your greetings, also thanks to Celia for our lovely card; and the message within, our members always appreciate investigating card making ideas from Sandon.  We were pleased to have your photos, quizzes and clippings.  Tony Appleton, T.C. from your area certainly made his mark again for the young Prince’s 1st birthday.   The wonderful winning poem, a quite vivid and realistic picture you paint, Val.  The programme for the June meeting seemed a fitting way to remember the wars,  especially the brave people all around during the war we remember. The songs were so optimistic, they must have been good to sing again.


We trust you will have a beautiful sunny day for the Garden Party on Thursday, to recompense for last year’s wet day.


That is all for this month,   with all best wishes for Thursday until next time.


From all Milson members and Pauline