Dear Pat & Sandon Friends,


Cheery greetings to you all at this happy time of year.


Milson members became very animated on Wednesday last at the sight of the unique U.K. Centenary gifts, sent by Pat, as well as other items.  We are very favoured to have these gifts, the lovely and very special tea towel and badge to celebrate the centenary of 100 years of WI in UK.  Maadi put the badge in place on the banner immediately,  and we are thinking of ways to best display the Rose tea towel,  ideas will be encouraged, but preferably not ones involving a towel rail.  I'm sure the Centenary rose will be very popular, with many members wanting to have the lovely new specimen in their gardens.

We all say thank you so much for these gifts, including several interesting photos, brochures, and that striking Christmas card made by Celia,  poinsettias are so beautiful and bright, the perfect bloom for Christmas.


Your silk and bead necklace-making afternoon seems to have many engrossed in the craft, it’s quite a feminine pastime, the end product certainly is.   We are pleased to have the photos pertaining to the August exhibition of war-time memorabilia, and also the Remembrance Sunday pictures, including the poppies and corn made in sugar paste, how clever!    The exhibition at the Tower of London, Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, was just wonderful, the whole concept brilliant.  I am so pleased to have a DVD of aspects of it, including the making of the ceramic poppies.  Next year New Zealand and Australia will be celebrating the formation of the Anzacs, which arose out of Gallipoli.  There will be a display of memorabilia as well as many poppies, these to be knitted or crocheted in red yarns.  There have been many knitted already, sure to be eye catching, though not quite as spectacular as the Tower poppies!               


The A&P Show in November proved to be a successful two days for Norma Angus and Dot Wood.  I was anticipating Joyce McEwen’s name to be to the fore as usual, but was wrong.   Norma won a new trophy for her photography, also for most points in competitions.  The photography subject was ‘Wedding Celebration’, and there is quite a story attached to Norma’s capturing of the subject, and what led up to it.  Dot won her trophy for best handcraft in show, naturally enough for hardanger of which you have a photo, the piece embroidered in blue thread.  She also won best culinary in show with her fruit loaf.  And in the midst of all the very indifferent weather we’ve had, and are still having, the days of the Show were very good, especially the second, which was warm and sunny. 


Our last meeting day also managed blue skies with sun, although not particularly warm for the time of year. At least it was not the tearing gale we are all so weary of.  The ladies enjoyed the social occasion, with some humour here and there.  The old fun song with Norma and I miming, went off as planned and there are photos on a couple of cameras which will surface eventually.  After the business of the day, we let things take their course which meant lots of chat, and enjoying the moment.  The circular tables each have room for 5 or 6 to be seated so I’m sure you can imagine the chat fest which went on. 


Associate member Daphne Kinane was well enough to come along and join in the fun of the afternoon, also her daughter Christine.  One of our other Associates, Joyce Holdaway,  has sadly passed away in recent weeks.  Joyce went to live in New Plymouth about 17 years ago, having been President of Milson at the time of her departure.  Joyce tried an Institute in N.P.  but did not receive the stimulus she’d known, so opted to return as an Associate, or Lone, as they used to be called. Our Associates are sent the Federation Newsletter every month, and I usually write about what transpires at our meetings, with any relevant news, at the same time.  They enjoy having the contact even if unable to attend meetings, and tell us so.  They pay their sub,  also receiving the programme as before.


We wish everyone of Sandon WI a stress free and happy approach to Christmas, and much joy and companionship with your loved ones over Christmas, New Year and all the year long.


From all your friends of Milson,

& Pauline