Dear Pat & our Sandon WI Friends,


The Manawatu Plain seems to be getting through the winter quite well, with the odd extreme weather event in some unlucky places, gale winds for some, floods for others.   Now snow sports on high places have begun, keeping part of the populace in a white world and evidently a kind of 7th heaven.   We have been told by official weather gurus that we have had a remarkably mild June, but those of us on blood thinning medication have not noticed particularly any exceptional mildness, the fingers still go white at the tips.  The very best white tips, my prized little snowdrops, have popped up for the first time,  good to know I must have put them where they like to be, and will now get on with multiplying.


As I mentioned earlier in the year, we at Milson WI are operating on a co-opted basis at present with members quite willingly filling in, and signing up for what needs doing, month by month; not as it should be, nevertheless we’re managing.


Sylvia Claridge our treasurer is still official and doing a very good job.  She became our delegate also, for the National Conference in Wellington last month,  bringing back a detailed Report on the shape of our Organisation which has a new President, Kay Hart, who ‘inspired those present, and will blend the old with the new to keep all in touch with future developments’,   It was predictable that the Remit on combining the two subscriptions would not pass,  that the majority of members wished to continue paying the WI subscription and magazine subscription separately.  I find this a negative idea and have for years,  but those of us who think this way have been the minority always, so that doesn’t look like changing.  There were a number of Remits which were carried, and if viewed favourably by the Minister of Health, will improve small corners in the Health system, and others, mainly inhouse issues, obvious improvements and important to the women who prepared them.  


As for Milson, apart from our difficulty in obtaining working members in an official way,  we are a happy social group, and planning a light and carefree kind of day for our 82nd.  We will have a light meal at the P.N. Golf Club, which Institute discovered last year as a pleasant venue, and generally make the most of our special day.


Our member Shirley Greer who was involved in the horrific accident I told you of last month,  is still very ill in hospital, and when I saw her was too worn with pain to speak.  She had broken ribs down one side amongst other painful bruises, and a broken arm too. She is a lady who needs a walker to assist walking with a bad knee on her best days.  Those ladies had to be cut from the car. 


Bev Williams, Federation President has had a knee operation and will no doubt be moving with much more comfort now,  ten days on.  She came home and is managing with her daughter looking in on her.


I see from your programme you will be going back in time once more this Thursday,  for early days of nursing.  Sure to be another winner as we really love looking back and the nostalgia it brings with it.  We hope you all enjoy the afternoon immensely.


With many good wishes from your friends of Milson WI ,