Dear Sandon WI Friends,


Your meeting this week sounds as if it will be a wander down memory lane,  music, food, readings and poetry, quizzes and colour will no doubt take you back to those stirring times of the 1940s – we were all so young then so I hope you all recapture, for a little time anyway, youthful feelings that may have been forgotten for many years. 


(At war end in Europe I remember the fancy dress parade we had on the school playing grounds.  A classmate just had to win because her mother had managed to dress her as Britannia - could there be a more fitting character to  represent?  I still remember the thrill I felt at the sight of Valerie’s Britannia.   Goodness only knows how they came by the helmet, and is it a trident that Britannia held?)


We must congratulate Celia on being President again this year,  with Val stepping down from the dual position.  We here would like to be better off with committee members,  but the way it is being managed seems to be working so far,  with a list coming around each meeting and members volunteering for the tasks listed. 


Last Milson meeting was our annual soup luncheon and there were interesting and tasty soups once more.  Everyone enjoys that comfort food so we were soon in fine fettle.   The speaker who visited is in charge of the City Recycling programme and knew well all about the subject.   The City Council went to huge expense to provide city residents with wheelie bins, and crates for glass,  so we could dispose of all recyclables, especially the plastic bags, also all sorts of soft plastic which everyone agreed should not go into the landfill.   Unfortunately,  it was found the cost of getting this material to the recycling business which wants it, is a greater cost than the worth of the material,  so we now have to put those hated plastic bags, etc in the rubbish, to go into the landfill.  All very frustrating. 


The day following our meeting,  one of our older members, Shirley Greer, with two of her friends, were in a car which was side-swiped by a 22 year-old being pursued by police at high speed.  Shirley was critically injured and I’ve learned she’s been taken to Middlemore Hospital , Auckland where she will obtain care that evidently is not available in PN.  It is shocking news and we all hope for the best for Shirley, but the big challenge of what follows for her,  is yet to come.


We wish you a lovely day of memories to treasure, on Thursday.


From all your friends of Milson WI ,