Dear Pat and our Sandon WI friends,


Milson members send greetings to all.  Last weekend we put our timepieces forward one hour as is the norm every last Saturday in September.  When daylight saving first began as a regular occurrence every year, the change would be made in October.  Somehow it has become September, but the weatherman has not caught up with the fact that it is in aid of people, and summer sports, and fine sunny days.   Our favourite TV weather announcer Jim keeps telling us about the polar rodent we must expect ‘tomorrow’, and the whole nest of such creatures poised to follow on as the days proceed. How pleasant it will be to bask in summer warmth again and always hoping that we may inherit some of your lovely late summer. 


It is very sad to lose members, we send our sympathy in your loss of Jean, who has served well keeping the link active with your German Institute, Backnang.  Was she perhaps the originator of your contact with the German Institute?


I would have to look back in record books to find the date of when a celebratory baton went around this country, but news of your baton reminded me of one in NZ at some time in past years.  I have an idea a banner travelled around in 1997, that would have marked the 100th year of Women’s Institute.  The exhibition planned in the Chelmsford Cathedral of the WI history in Essex is sure to be an eye-opening event, and good publicity.  We will be interested to hear all about it in time.


Val’s lovely little nostalgic poem about school days didn’t quite make it with the judge, we thought it was a winner!


Recently I placed more records in our City Archives, including a rare old book given to Milson by Associate member Daphne Kinane.  Daphne is 92 and now resides in a rest home.  This book was published in England in 1932 and is entitled  ‘What the Countrywomen of the World Are Doing’. As well as the usual Western countries featured, there were many European countries recorded therein, with comments and descriptive pieces which were also active in W.I.   Germany of course, but would others have survived once war took over a great area in Europe ?  There were photos too, including a rare one of Mrs Alfred Watt with a copy of the speech she gave on International Relations when she addressed the WI AGM of England & Wales in May 1931.  I want to speak to the Archivist once she’s had a chance to look the book over, to find out if she is as intrigued with it as I was.  Her mother was a WI member many years ago so I’m sure she’ll have an opinion.


Our trophy cups were presented on Wednesday last, mostly to Joyce McEwen as conveyed to you last month.  As we had no speaker this month I had lots of time to relate all your news and interesting items,  with discussions about events ahead, and was able to give an idea to those who had missed the fashion parade about a wonderful talk by a lady who had been the wardrobe mistress for the RNZ ballet company, for 35 years.


Monday the 6th is the Federation Half yearly Meeting,  which should be an entertaining day according to encouragement from National – some time ago it was suggested by Nat. Executive that this meeting should also be a fun day, and Bev is sure to go along with the idea.    Let’s hope that weatherman Jim’s latest polar rodent has taken off, and the new one hasn’t arrived, although those hopes are rather thin as gales are still blowing in many places, so I expect members will be blown into the Hall, rather than leisurely walking.  And what it does to the hairdos is really cruel!


There could be more to tell after tomorrow’s meeting but I cannot delay sending this letter so will close with our usual good wishes for a happy meeting on Thursday, judging by the title in your programme you will be having lots of laughs!


Wishing you a pleasant month, until next time,


From all your Milson WI friends,

& Pauline