Dear Pat and Sandon WI Friends,


Our greetings to you all once more, it is always very pleasing to read of your month to month activities, although we felt for you,  having your garden party rained on for the second year, how really unfortunate.  I related Pat's rundown on the dramatic turn of events, and the way the ladies of Sandon turned the drama to a musical by the rendition of 'Singing in the Rain',  and not having tragedy, requiring 'For those in Peril on the Sea'.  The paragraph Pat wrote about it all painted a vivid picture, and we could see it all happening, in the mind's eye.  We really hope this wet party day for the second time does not mean never again.


Our birthday was rather underwhelming with so many absences, bad weather and illnesses, as I reported last month.  Although Spring Show day was sunny, quite a deal warmer and pleasant,  I'm sorry to relate that your letter was read to even fewer of our membership, we supposed that this might be because of not having a committee, there was no phoning around which our ladies have become accustomed to, for advising and reminding.  Just a small detail which used to be, as a matter of course.  Even so, with fewer entries the day proceeded as ever, and two members, Norma Angus and Vera Lee were judges.  Norma, usually a happy participant, in the circumstances did not enter.  We were very glad to have our own for judging, it would have been quite an embarrassment to have brought in women from another Institute.  Our really keen competitor Joyce McEwen scooped the pool and won the trophies for cooking, floral and combined points,  with my co-entry steward, Dot Wood, winning the handcraft cup.  Dot makes hardanger work her specialty and all her pieces are immaculate, looking as if untouched by human hand, I always tell her.  You will see a photo of her with some entries, including hers, as I took note of your request for some.  The handcraft cup was donated in 1985 by member Mavis Howell in memory of her mother, Alice Faulding,  and my mother was the first winner of it, subsequently winning it again a few times; my mother was a very good knitter, and machine sewer, as many women have been.  We don't seem to have nearly so many keen crafters in these times.  Our younger member Christine Mason is one such though,  coming over from her teaching post at Milson School to put in her entries.  We all commend her for her pleasure in doing what not many do these days, most younger women are too busy working and running a home and family too.


We really hope for improving fortunes next year.  Meanwhile the annual Ballentynes fashion parade is scheduled for the 17th, and there is usually a good turn out from the WIs around.   Bev Williams our member who is Federation President as you know, is making haste slowly after her hip replacement operation and out and about once more.   She will be doing the hostessing honours on the day, with her executive members.


We wish you an enjoyable day on Thursday, we're sure it will be very interesting to hear all your guest speaker has to say,  and no doubt there could even be a spot of humour which can sometimes pop up in unexpected places.


All good wishes from Milson WI  members,

& Pauline