Dear Pat and our friends of Sandon WI,


Today is Easter Sunday, another warm day to enjoy before autumn decides that frosts are on the agenda.  We hope your spring is advancing and you are enjoying all those heavenly blooms and perfumes of the season. 


Milson members are appreciative of your greetings and all say thank you for your lovely Easter card, and very welcome wishes, which came true – ‘bright and beautiful, warm and wonderful’, as per first line in my letter.  This official correspondent did not look well enough at the calendar, and although the ‘ours to you’  card was at hand, she missed her opportunity to post.  My apologies for this.   I find this sort of thing can happen unless I’m vigilant, Intent can escape the general plan and wind up in the ‘I should have remembered’ department.


The Milson Committee has come to order and Norma Angus will be president for five months, followed by Joyce McEwen for a further period.  They will serve as each other’s V.president.   Maadi will do secretarial duties and Sylvia has again agreed to look after the treasurer’s duties.  Some of the committee are newer members and I could see the commitment there on Wednesday.  That was a promising outlook.  We had a speaker from the Alzheimers Society who was very interesting and obviously dedicated to her work, with a humorous take on life in general, and for such a sad illness it was clear she could have everyone around with smiles on their faces.  We certainly laughed at her funny and sunny outlook.


Monday 13th is Manawatu Federation’s AGM, so that will be a good day for members.  It will be the final intake of knitted poppies for the display of War memorabilia at Square Edge.  There is to be a count also so we’ll eventually hear just how many have been made,  in particular by Manawatu Federation members for this special anniversary.


Our member Verna Drummond whom I wrote of in February, has died. We will all miss Verna sadly. Violet Hyman, her good friend, will more than most as they always worked together,  you may remember the photo of them receiving good service badges on the same day.


We wish you a most successful Spring Show and a fine spring day to go with it.  A great day to everyone. 


From your friends of Milson WI,

& Pauline


P.S.I should have mentioned the two photos you sent recently, one picturing Val Chiswell and the other showing Celia Kerslake and Rose Jewitt,  both taken at your Christmas party meeting.  I thank you of course, and it was nice for Milson members to see both of these, Val having been recently in NZ,  and Celia presenting the crinoline lady apron to Rose.