Dear Pat and our friends of Sandon WI,


We know you’ve had a quite busy past month with your Annual Meeting, Resolutions, and Birthday all in one day. Maybe this month will be less full-on, and now it is summer perhaps you have reconsidered about holding the annual garden party which was such a disappointment last year.  We must congratulate you on your success in the County quiz once more, very well done ladies.


Pat wrote you enjoyed a ploughman’s lunch preceding the A.M. and we have hazy ideas about it from what we’ve heard over the years.  Would it still consist of bread, cheese, and maybe pickled onions?  Perhaps not beer prior to the Meeting?  We would be interested to know if there is a modern equivalent.


While on the subject of food, Milson members enjoyed the annual soup luncheon last week.  The usual interesting line-up of tasty and warming soups were on offer, I enjoyed tomato and bacon with rice, and in particular the second one I tried which was leek, potato and a hint of cheese. It was blended thoroughly and was very smooth.


For entertainment in the afternoon a quiz was held, each team made up of four or five members at a table.  We are not very good at these and need to get up to speed, but I enjoy them very much – we can only improve.  Norma reminded us that her time as president was  over and Joyce McEwen will be in the position now.  Joyce is celebrating her 90th birthday this month, and really seems more like an eighty year old, or younger.  I’m sure she keeps her health and happy outlook by tackling everything with goodwill and with such a zest for life in general.  The competitions every month are won either by Joyce, or Bev Williams, another busy person who always has time for all that needs doing.   Bev is away to the National AGM next week, being held in New Plymouth.  


A Directive has come from the Charities Commission this year, to the effect that we have to keep a record of every article, and monetary donations, going to a person, or groups.    If an article of whatever type is given, say a pair of booties,  the amount of wool gone into the making, i.e. how many pairs from a 50g ball of wool,  the cost of the wool, and the time spent making the booties, has to be recorded.  If this instruction is not followed when officially in place, we risk losing our charity status which will make us liable for tax.   They have given us this year to make a practise run and Bev has prepared charts to get us used to the procedure.  We cannot risk losing our charity status.  I’m wondering to myself who will be doing all the checking of these charts from every Federation in N.Z., as I guess every organisation such as ours will be faced with this obligation. 


On the brighter side, we too are planning to hold a ‘posh tea’ on the occasion of our birthday, and Norma has suggested that we dress up, much as you yourselves are planning for your Group Meeting. 


During the Anzac Commemorations in April, a local musician Vicki Lee, prepared a concert in which she played the keyboard and sang songs made famous by Vera Lynn, also relating vignettes associated with the songs and the times.  The one concert became two, and now a third is going ahead because of demand.  Vicki has in the past been half of a singing group called A String of Pearls, very popular before their disbanding.  She teaches piano and likes to point out her initials are the same as Vera’s.  


That is about all the news for now, will sign off until next month.  We wish you a more relaxed meeting on Thursday, after all the busy hours last month


From all your friends of Milson W.I.,

&  Pauline