This is briefly to let you know a little of our Milson AGM, held last Wednesday.   As you know,  we are in unknown waters with the top table situation we’ve had for the past year,  also no committee.   Both president Maadi and treasurer Sylvia have stepped down from their positions,  but we have seven women who are prepared to be on committee, taking turns at two main situations, and hopes that one may take up the treasurer’s tasks.  A little more hopeful than it has been. 


As noted in our 2015 programme, The Manawatu Federation Project is ‘Sharing to sustain our Community’, a continuation of last year’s project,  with emphasis on the Alzheimers Group.  At present and up until April, women are also busy with the Poppy Project, knitting and crocheting quantities of poppies.  The drive comes from the RSA and poppies will eventually go to the National Army Museum, Waiouru.  It’s almost certain the inspiration came from that wonderful collection placed around the Tower of London. 


The original target was 18,166 poppies, one poppy for each person lost by our nation in the Great War.  Now that over 20,000 poppies have been received the aim is for 30,475, one hand crafted poppy for every NZ serviceman or woman lost during war or conflict, Army, Navy, Airforce and Merchant Navy.


Our Federation’s collection is intended for local display but no doubt the numbers will be added to the database at the Museum, and eventually displayed there.