Dear Pat and our Sandon WI friends,


It seemed like a case of business resumed when we met for Milson’s monthly meeting, with three officers seated together at the top table.  It was very reassuring to see the full complement once more.  The sales table proceeds were a special effort in aid of funds for the National office, so with one table overflowing with sales goods, another had to be brought into service. 


Maadi Taylor, our secretary once more,  received the 1st place trophy for the Milson Annual Report of the previous year.  It was presented at our meeting rather than the Fed. AGM,  which she was unable to attend.


We enjoyed hearing a 13 year old boy from P.N. Boys’ High School, singing and playing guitar.  He was a most appealing boy, and so modest. His form master brought him and set up the sound system and mike.  He performed familiar songs, the Beatles, Billy Joel,  mostly melodies we knew, and he played and sang the music beautifully, his voice a clear and sweet soprano.


The committee had prepared home baking for a fancy afternoon tea, which we have on a few special occasions, and young Carson was right ready for a snack.  Biscuits are the usual fare with tea, but this month was a kind of celebration.  Next month will be our Soup luncheon  - lots of comfort food will be served again.  


There were several special collections of one type or another on show in the City last month, commemorating WW100, some in their last days about now.  I have mentioned the one we were mostly caught up with, at Square Edge, which was quite small but very effective,  recipes of the time,  nurses serving in the war zones, mostly in France and the European areas.  Local men too from families whose names are familiar today.  And poppies!  Collections from many groups, including Somerset Village for older folk, they did so well, making a large board with poppies spelling out Lest We Forget .  The WI contribution covered a large ceiling to floor panel, and numbered 1091 poppies. Our numbers are less than 300 women now so those that knitted did very well.  There were some crocheted blooms, and even a few purple ones, in memory of the animals, horses, dogs and pigeons who also were casualties of war.           


Yes, a dreadful earthquake in Nepal with a horrifying number of dead, the poor people.  It will be hard for the Nepalese to recover, Christchurch is getting there slowly, but it will be much longer for these recent victims, being so widespread.


The report of your recent Spring Show told of a very successful day with many entries making for difficult decisions. What a wonderful day  – it would be great if we could regain those productive days of the past, it seemed so natural then, with many capable and clever handcrafters.  Our schedule is out so there is time, especially now the poppy days are over.


Another busy meeting for you all next week,  we wish you well, and as May is the month of your 97th Birthday, we hope you have time for a happy celebration.  Congratulations on achieving this great age.


With best wishes from all your friends of Milson W.I.

& Pauline