Dear Pat & Sandon friends,


Greetings to you all.   We are drawing nearer to Christmas and every day there seem to be extras to keep in mind, or jot down if the memory banks are getting over-loaded.   I shall have to practise this quite diligently from now on as I left Institute last week completely forgetting items to be taken home again – luckily Secretary Maadi had followed in my tracks and collected these for me.


I was pleased to be able to relate to members the details of Pat and Dorothy’s trip to Harrogate and surrounding areas and their tour in and around York.  It was all of such interest to us so far away.  Also about the posh tea you arranged for your Mildmay Group meeting in September. Lovely to hear how the ladies dressed up to enter into the spirit of the day, and what a wonderful entertainer you enjoyed in Doreen Potter.


So nice to receive congratulations from Pat on your behalf on our national Rugby team bringing that lovely gold cup home again.  I must say that the nation as one has been behind our All Blacks, who are quite a fine group of men and worthy of our support.  There have been notices posted on many a fence around the countryside saying Go the All Blacks, and  Kia Kaha,  (Be Strong)  Their homecoming receptions in the main cities have been rapturous.


Our speaker last week told of a tour through Russia, the Baltic States, and Poland, ending with a boat trip on the Danube.  It was a whistle stop telling with many photos shown;  I felt there would have been three or four talks in the material so what we heard was rather jam-packed.  The main impression given was the extreme wealth displayed in the historic buildings, palaces and churches, and obviously many well to do people, but our speaker saw slums at a distance, and dwellings of ordinary folk which also told of lives of hardship and poverty not shared by those at the top.


This weekend, the 7th and 8th November, the annual A&P Show was in progress in Feilding, our Federation members led by Bev Williams were as usual organising the Bays for members to place their exhibits.   The theme for the bays this year, ‘Summer’.  Unfortunately Milson had to withdraw from arranging their bay a short time prior to the event,   but several of our members entered  items.  Loraine Judd with her flawless hardanger earned 1st place in the class, also winning Best Handcraft in Show,  with a silver salver to hold for a year, plus purple Champion sash.  The ‘Best Culinary’ which Joyce McEwen has won in the past went to a member of a country institute.  My knitted car (can you imagine that)  won 1st in its class, but there were not many knitted toys this year.


We will not hold a luncheon this December as is usual for the last meeting but will have a special afternoon tea to conclude the year. 


Your speaker’s interesting title this week, A brief history of Pantomime sounds just right for the time of year.  You are sure to enjoy the subject, with members also having an input.  I’m sure all of our members would love to hear what she has to tell you.


Until next time,  best wishes from all  Milson members,

and   Pauline