Dear Pat and  all our Sandon WI friends,


This month my letter cannot tell you anything of the Milson meeting, as this hasn't happened yet.  With October beginning on a Thursday, your meeting will be one day after ours.  I have made enquiries though and can relate the bare bones of our meeting to be.


Pat has told of her and Dorothy's most interesting trip to Harrogate and some of the fascinating places they've been, and things they've seen, which are of much interest to me and will be to our members as well.  England is so full of history and from this distance I find it wonderful that some of you are able to touch it and see things or representations from the past.


A main item from our agenda on Wednesday will be the presentation of certificates to all the placegetters from last month's Spring Show.  Sylvia Claridge will have prepared these with the help of her trusty computer.  We were so happy to have 135 entries to the Show which is much better than the previous year.  Norma Angus won the Jubilee Cup for Cooking,  the Erina Grimmer Cup for Floral and Vegetables, as well as the Ellen Albert Cup - Combined Points. Bev Williams will receive the Alice Faulding Mem. Cup, for Handcraft.


Sylvia has also had a holiday in Canada recently and will relate some adventures in the course of the afternoon. 


Last month the annual Ballentynes fashion parade was held, and eight Institute ladies paraded for us.  The clothing was fairly casual but could be dressed up by the addition of a jacket, pretty scarf, a special necklace or some other.  I noted rather nice combinations of pretty colours this year, and sparkly additions on tops called bling, were on several garments.


Prior to the parade a lady who had worked for the Royal NZ Ballet entertained us with spectacular costumes she had made over the years. Much as she did last year, though the costumes were different this time and she related another set of stories; she could have spoken for much longer, so interesting were the anecdotes.  She is retired now, after 35 years of concentrated effort,  and the ballet seems to have a more generous budget, it was really low during Alison's time there.


The Federation half-yearly Council meeting will be held late in October and I'm wondering if after the necessary business,  it will be the fun day as last year's was.


Time will tell.  With all best wishes for your meeting on Thursday.


from all your friends at Milson WI,

&  Pauline