Dear Pat & Sandon WI friends,


Greetings from these most untropical Southern shores. 


I recently wrote to Pat that we have been experiencing days that are a little warmer.  Unfortunately, Nature must have thought that we have not had our full quota of wintry servings and has arranged for another polar rodent to sweep up the country, with icy winds chilling everyone, and snow falling in many parts.  It is lambing season or imminently so for many areas too.  Also, it’s now official that Palmerston is experiencing the wettest winter since official records began 70 years ago.   I feel that ‘coldest’ could be added to the record as well.


Thankfully,  Spring Show day at Milson was in between troublesome weather bombs,  and it was really pleasing to see the many entries turning up with members having to queue from time to time to enter their items,  very much improved figures to those in recent years.  It was amazing to see so many perfect blooms after such a bad run of extreme weather.


As is usual on show day there was nothing official arranged for members;  but our member Beryl Papesch read an absorbing record of her husband’s forebears coming to New Zealand by sailing ship in the nineteenth century.  She told of the privation and difficulties experienced by the family as the tiny ship battled the oceans to finally arrive in this country.  The people who made the journey back in those times had to be of very strong constitutions and resolute minds, and of course children died on many of the voyages.


Our display boards were on show once more as many had missed them the month before, and they were certainly worth a second look by others as there is so much material of interest to be enjoyed again.  You certainly have had a busy and involved spring and summer.


We were very interested to hear of progress with your quilt project, which sounds to be coming along as planned, and in good time for your centennial.  We’ll be pleased too, to hear of its completion and how delighted you all are with the finished piece,  it is sure to be an eye catcher.


The Federation luncheon was held during August, very pleasant with members enjoying each other’s company.  All the exhibits which were in competitions during the AGM in June were on show, and Bev. read out the Judges’ comments.  The annual Scrapbook which is contributed to by all of Manawatu Institutes, received 2nd place.  Each Institute contributes two or three pages of their own news and Sylvia  Claridge compiles these pages into the modern scrapbook style; and always makes a lovely presentation.  We also had brief musical entertainment, about 20 minutes.  With country music that’s long enough as it’s not everyone’s favourite.


Do enjoy your two Events this month, they are sure to be most interesting.


With best wishes from all your Milson WI friends,

& Pauline