Dear Pat and all our friends of Sandon WI,


Greetings once again to you all.  It has been two months since my last letter so I am somewhat out of practice, hopefully the flow will begin again before too long.  Also, my new computer is not behaving at all well.


We are still enjoying warm days, today was really lovely for the time of year.  Whatever will winter bring?  I don’t really want to find out.    We were preparing for Founder’s Day in my February letter, in the event another beautiful day.   Rather than having activities like quoits, etc, we found just having a talk fest was the best thing, so that’s what happened.   I was pleased when Federation secretary Lorraine Miles said a few words about our Founder, and just why we were gathered there.  (I went home with sunburned knees, it really was very sunny.)


This month we were treated to a talk and display of patchwork and quilting by Violet Hyman’s niece, who showed us many different pieces and styles of the work she does, all very lovely. 


On my return from holiday I was pleased to know that Bev Williamson has stepped into the president’s position as no one had offered to take it up.   Bev really has more than enough work as Federation president, but rather than see the alternative, she has taken on this further duty.   Sylvia Claridge has remained as treasurer, with members taking up secretarial duties month by month.  And so we’ll get by.


I have a number of photos waiting to be processed covering various past events, including the Institute photo,  and as soon as I get everything assembled I will post off to you.


For the present I will sign off, sending best wishes from all our members,